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New RPer looking for partner/teacher!


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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for an individual who is up to RP with someone that is extremely new. Pretty much my first time. When it comes to what I like there really isn't much off the list.

There are a few things that I don't really care for and they are:

Fat Furs

And although I won't outright do these, they are kinda on the lower spectrum of my kinks:

Unbirthing - However I do enjoy what comes afterwards, maternal things and the like.

Pretty much anything else (That I can think of atm) I'm into.

I would say my favorites are both: Macro stuff and Paw/foot stuff

So if you don't mind showing the ropes to a new RPer and have interest in what isn't listed here, please feel free to give me a message!

Also I'm 18+ if that makes certain people feel better.
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Jack Belinski

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Hello comrade! I'm always up to teach a fellow furry, as long as you don't mind learning from a salty old commie such as myself!