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New Size Related Server!


Tiny Neko
A new size Server!
Welcome to Endless Heights where we welcome everyone from the Size Community!
Let us reach new heights by making an awesome community!
Join the Endless Heights Discord Server!

This is an 18+ Only Server!

1. No Real life gore (bug/animal crush, self-harm) or under-age content allowed on the server (Lolicon, Shota, Cubs, Small Pokefurs). As it's against Discord ToS.

2. Threatening of users and staff members will result in a ban!

3. If a member has No DM or No RP, then respect that! If we do get a message that you are messaging them even with this role added then we will be giving you a warning, and if it continues you will be suspended and/or banned.

4. NO RELIGION/POLITICAL/CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS. Move it to DMs. This just causes unneeded drama

5. Be respectful to people within the group! No harassment, bullying or kink shaming, Homophobia, Transphobia, or hate speech of any kind, including racial terms, as we do come from many ethnic backgrounds.

6. SPAMMING/LINKS/IMAGES. Keep emoji spam to a very bare minimum. If it gets out of hand, move it to the MEME-ROOM. This goes for constant links and images. The last thing we need is to fill the chat to the point where people can't keep up.

7. Do not force anybody to do an action they do not want to do. This includes god modding (Using an ability on another character without consent)

8. DRAMA FREE. Do not bring any drama from other servers into any of the chats, this includes arguing in VENT.

9. Please do not start fights in the chat, if you have a problem with another user, please take it to DMs. If you cannot do that, take it up with an MOD or ADMIN. Refer to rule 8.

10. No Extreme Kinks (Scat, Watersports, Detailed Gore) allowed in this group, if you are going to do that, take it to DM. This can just be unsettling for some users

11. Use COMMON SENSE! If you have to think twice, you shouldn't post it. Seriously we're adults here.

12. Please obey the MODS or ADMINS. They're here to make sure this place doesn't get out of hand. Please respect that. We're not here to get you.

Hope you enjoy the new server! Everyone is welcome :D!


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