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New sona design and ref semi-realistic timber wolf


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Hello everyone! I’m a new fur and just getting started.. be gentle! I have a pretty good idea for my sona however I’m no artist.. as evident by my icon.. and would really like some help with a few things to finish him up as well as have a reference sheet drawn up for him. What I’m looking for is a front, side and back for the ref as well as a 3/4 bust. My budget is 120$, I’m not sure if that’s standard or not for what I’m asking for.. and I can PayPal the money over. I can be contacted through the message system here and I don’t really have a deadline in mind and will follow your direction on setting up a time frame.

My sona is Khur, a Timberwolf with black markings, white as well as reddish/grey fur, designed semi-realistic to realistic if possible. The only notable features for him is black fur across his eyes to emulate the look of a mask as well as two earrings stacked one on top the other like my profile picture. He’s a gypsy, kind but mischevious. As far as the other markings to help him look more realistic, I’ll leave that up to you as I’ve been struggling with that the most :3 Lavender eyes and black paw pads/nose.

Thank you all in advance!


im unsure if you've already found an artist but,
i would love if you could commission me!
here are my price sheets:
www.deviantart.com: Commission Sheet 2018 (OPEN)
www.deviantart.com: Extra Commissions 2018 (OPEN)

and here are my work examples (im unsure if youre looking for detailed or just regular):


im not so good with realistic detailing but i can 'draw' realisitic:


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Heya :) ! I'm interested in doing your commission! Below you'll find some examples of my work:
Taldrin Scottish Comm crop 2.jpg
Shire horse ref sheet 1.jpg
Nathan's orca ref crop safe.jpg

For your budget I can do, I can do a front, back and side ref but in flat color.

To see more of my art you can check out my FA gallery: Userpage of pimpartist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
You can read my TOS here: www.furaffinity.net: Terms of Service -- pimpartist's Journal
If interested, feel free to contact me via a note on FA or send me an e-mail at: thepimpartist@gmail.com !
Thank you!

Best wishes,


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Woo, I might be able to help! Love helping people design fursonas! Here are some examples of semi-realistic/realistic refs and art!

I estimate the ref you asking for would be around $110 - $115 if we give it a complex shading - which works well enough with fur, fortunately! Or we can settle out something else as well!

Here is my price sheet btw! And my FA page (still under construction)

Thanks for your time and best of lucks!


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Hi! Altough I'm not very experienced with ref. sheets and I don't have a lot of examples to show you I am about drawing and I go for a semi-realism, almost ""tattoo-like"" style on my drawing that I think it would suit what you have in mind for your character.

But see it for yourself if my work is something you like for your reference ^^


Reference sheet (old), my own fursona improvised ref

Sneak peek of my new ref. sheet for my fursona, your ref. sheet would be done in a style like this one


Bust, canine example

Bust, flats example


Sketch, Lines + grayscale + anatomy example


Bust, painting rendering example


Fullbody (old), anatomy example

For more art check my FurAffinity, DeviantArt or my Instagram account.

You can check my prices below:

  • Bust: $15 Lineart, $20 Flats, $25 Full rendered
  • Half body: $15 Lineart, $20 Flats, $30 Full rendered
  • Full body: $25 Lineart, $30 Flats, $40 Full rendered
  • Ref sheet: Starting at $40 with two full bodies, price go up as more shots are added. The more shots the cheaper each one. What you would like would cost $75

I offer WIPS trough the commission process and am always available to talk with you while I work on your drawing!
Thought I'd offer my services for making your sona. I enjoy drawing wolves and have done design commissions in the past.
gallery: Artwork Gallery for thesilvermist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
price guide: www.furaffinity.net: New Price Guide: 10-15-18 COMMISSIONS OPEN by thesilvermist
my tos: www.furaffinity.net: Commission Policies & Info Updated 10-15-18 -- thesilvermist's Journal
customer rewards and raffle: www.furaffinity.net: Customer Reward Program! + Raffle -- thesilvermist's Journal

For 3 full views woudl be $60 for flat color
The "3/4 bust" i can read 2 ways=3/4 of body so thigh/just above knee and up. or an angled profile view of bust (head/neck/shoulders/bit of chest) so I'd ask for clarification on that to give pricing.
Ref/Design sheets can have text, color pallet, and/or 1 large detailed eye added for free.
Extras can be added-see price guide for more.

some example art:
most recent deign commission

Other recent wolf refs:


some older feral wolf refs(2017):

2017 shaded feral wolf art (shading styles changed a bit and would cost more than flat color)



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Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out your commission.
This is the link of my portfolio in the artstation: raidez.artstation.com ( check out my portfolio for more sample styles )


your coon
Hello! I love to draw wolves and I have a whole pack of wolves characters ^^ Here is some examples of my art. Feel free to note me, if you interested.


I'm interested.))
Drawing reference sheets is my favorite and I guess my style is a bit more realistic than toony. My normal turn around time is 2 weeks, mostly I'm faster ) you can write me here or on fa (same nickname).


Clothes are welcome as well. Feral also ))
My last wolfalike drawing