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New Sona Species WIP


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Hey! I'm working on creating a new fursona species with someone else. The process is long and getting longer because we're both going through some personal issues and don't have time to work on the sona for now, so it's not completely done. But I can tell you all about the new species! I even gave them a backstory/description because I love doing things like that. The species is called Malasnep. It's a hybrid species between a malamute and a snow leopard. Enjoy!

Malasneps are a hybrid species. It may seem lame but malasneps come from a sort of Romeo And Juliet type of family tree. Malamutes are types of dogs, snow leopards (sneps) are, well, leopards. Dogs are canines, leopards are felines. It shouldn't work, right? Well, sometimes they get lucky and it works. The offspring of such love and devotion even though it seems wrong are hybrids. The mother is more likely to die during labour than normal mothers. About 65% of the mothers will die. I know, sad. And as I said before, these hybrids come from Romeo And Juliet style love so if/when the mother dies during childbirth, the father is likely to follow suit from heartbreak. Most malasneps are orphans but they aren't sad about it because they understand the amount of love their parents had for each other. Malasneps have nothing but respect and love for their parents. Malasneps can also mate with each other. They survive every time and the offspring also lives every time. Some are born as runts, some are born normal, and some are born rather large. They can be any size. They can live in packs or they can live separately. They usually prefer packs though. They can survive extreme cold but anything hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 degrees celsius), they start to struggle. They can survive extreme cold, but they still get cold at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit (about -7 degrees celsius). Cuddles are recommended at that temperature or a warm blanket.

There is a hierarchy for the malasneps as well! The lowest on the hierarchy are just normal malasneps. The next level is people that are close friends with the creators (me and the other person). The highest level is us, the creators or "alphas" of the species. We've got only a feral ref sheet base for the lowest level but that's really all we need for now I suppose. If anyone wants to try making a new sona using this species, feel free to message me! I won't put the ref base here because I don't want it stolen. I also forgot to mention, each level of the hierarchy has a different number of tails! Level 1 (the lowest level) has just one tail. Level two has two tails. Level three (highest level, "alphas' level") has three tails. The alphas also have a special symbol that canNOT be used on any other levels. So like I said, message me if you're interested in making a new sona with this species! :)

Edit: I forgot to say this but all the art of the species so far is done by the other creator of this species! I don't know if they want me to mention them specifically, but I'd just like to point that out.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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it's clear you put some thought into this.

not interested personally as the two animals don't really interest me but your logic is very interesting and i'm interested in that.

personally i think maybe a combination of goat and cat might work for me personally since they share a lot of habits themselves if you took the time to research it personally.

i'm not gonna patent the idea though. i think something as vague as what i said though kinda specific is a broad category and anyone could have done the same so it should be shared free of use even if the combination is rare and specific.