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New species!


I`ve come up with a new species, they`re basically a anthropomorphized squid. I call them the squiodn. They live on the isles of Ai in the world of reath. I`ll post a picture of one as soon as I can get it drawn, perhaps tomorrow I`ll get it done. I have their whole backstory and history in my head so if you`d like to know more let me know. But let me know what you think of my idea :)


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Anthro squid?? That's not something you see everday... I shall stay tuned!


I'd imagine that someone has already come up with the concept of anthro-squids, just not with that name or back story. Still, should be interesting to see the results, you'll be posting them in the Fursonas section right?


I`ve come up with a new species, they`re basically a anthropomorphized squid.

Just throwing it out there. How would it be diffrent to this?


My design is a little better than that picture lol, for one they have two eyes. As for being chuthlu, he was huge and an old god. Plus he had little bat wings on his back :p
I guess the backstory sounds pretty interesting, though I doubt the idea of an anthropomorphic squid has never been played with before.

How about a species that's just like monkeys but more intelligent, has no fur, has sweat glands, has the ability to talk, make choices and has thumbs.

Let's call it homosexual sap men

They sound hideously disgusting. Woe betide anyone who ended up as one of them.


Well it`s true, only another of the species would find them attractive lol but they are a peaceful race that mind their own business as long as you don`t interfere with their fishing.


I've posted a detailed description on the fursona page, also submitted a picture but for some reason can't get it into my album o_O So you'll have to search for it in the submitted pictures area of the site. Tag words are squid, male, female, biography, and a few others I can't remember.


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Could be made to be original if done correctly.


Take a look on the fursona page, its pretty original if you ask me lol. Thread is called 'Introducing the Squiodn'