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New story alert!- "Ferals"

Liseran Thistle

This is an advertisement for my newest story I'm publishing on Furaffinity, Wattpad, and Archiveofourown. It's called Ferals, and it's an original story featuring my own characters. The story is currently, as of posting this ad, only 5 chapters long and posted on all three of these websites. Here's the synopsis if you're interested in it:

Peter Niveus is a homely looking Rabbit from a small bayou town named Blackwell, right on the edge of the Mississippi. It's quiet and unassuming for the most part, but Blackwell has a secret for those who aren't too careful with where they step. Deadmin, decaying creatures that shamble on two legs with an appetite for the living, swarm and migrate to the small rabbit town of Blackwell looking to sate their hunger on any poor Beast walking in their path.

The tiny little town is protected thanks to the fortifications left up by the Deadmin of the past, who used to be alive before whatever plague caused this, took them over.

It's bad news for the folk in Blackwell, though, when those fortifications end up in the river letting hordes swarm the surrounding forest and town. Now Peter, alongside his friends and family, must venture out to fight off these monsters, and find someone willing to help them.

Links to Chapter 1-

Furaffinity: Chapter 1
Wattpad: Chapter 1
AO3: Chapter 1

You can follow me on any of these to get updates for the story, or my twitter @/LiseThistle where I will continually tweet about the progress of the book and even share art I made of the characters as I write it. consider reading it if you're interested, likes/follows/watches are encouraged and very much appreciated!