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New Tablet; Some practice

Exactly what the title says. I'm going to do some sketches or icons or whatever I feel like here. I might stream it or something, but that all depends.
So, if you're interested, post
Character Reference Sheet:
Personality or a song that describes them:
edit:: I probably won't do all of them, but I'll try to get a good amount done. Also it's going in a random order.
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Xing Tian

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Can I send a full discription of them? If so I'll send it now because I have to go, I have no ref for them

Name: shalla
Age: 16
Looks: shalla is a rather tall 6'0 panda girl with long, spikyish silky black hair that goes down to her shoulders, she is covered in white fur with black patches around on her in random places apart from a patch on her right eye, she has a little puffy black tail on her back as well and a slender figure, which decent sized breasts (a bit larger then shufuku's in your NSFW drawing) they are rather perky as well, shallo wears a large straw hat and wears an open kimono with black and white stripes on it, the kimono just about coveres her nipples and she wears a pair of white panties that are visible, a black patch of our behind them, she also has light green eyes
Sexuality: bi
Personality: shallo is a very kind, gentle teen who is often see as rather hyper when it comes To eating cookies and other sweets,
Likes: reading, eating, cooking, sleeping, resting, drawing, writing
Dislikes: her food being taken, rain, pervs

Name: rillo
Age: 16
Looks: rillo, despite being 16, is very short (5'0) with the same patches on her like on her slightly older sister shillo, however the patch on her eye was on her left eye instead of right, she also has very small breasts, Very small, she also has a puffy black tail too and has long black hair that reaches down to her butt, which is slightly large for his she looks even though she is curvy, she also wears the same clothes as her sister apart from she wears short shorts instead of just panties
Sexuality: bi
Personality: unlike her older sister, she was a little more serious and didn't like people That mess with her sister, however she will instantly lose to someone who gives her sweets
Likes: food, painting, being with her big sister, video games, farming
Dislikes: people who mess with her sister, her small figure despite her cuteness, the rain, pervs


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Dream is a generally happy bubbly person with a smile for everyone.
Arctic fox


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Character Reference Sheet: чап.png
Personality or a song that describes them: Rude but she never notices it, strict, perverted,
Gender/Sex: female
Species: raccoon + red panda


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I really loved your drawing of my character last time! I hope you don't mind another. ; w;

Character Reference Sheet:

Personality or a song that describes them:
He's lazy, and hates doing anything. He likes to daydream n stuff. He also loves money, and shiny stuff. (( Royalty - Conor Maynard ))
Gender/Sex: Male
Species: Caracal
Character Reference Sheet:http://i.imgur.com/Y874y1G.png
Personality or a song that describes them: Silly, Funloving, Strange, Goes from having a huge ego to extremely low self esteem rapidly
Gender: Androgynous/unknown
Species: canine/rabbit/something? idk the person i adopted them from didnt say


Character Reference Sheet: http://xengui.deviantart.com/art/Inuxen-s-Unofficial-Reference-Sheet-601430159
Personality or a song that describes them: An aggressive and serious kind of guy. He's about 37 and tend to be rather aggressive and standoffish to anything he perceives to be a threat. He's confident, but not friendly in the least and doesn't smile much. He's a sucker for kids though, and is pretty fatherly. Ps. his ears naturally appear "pinned" back.
Gender/Sex: Male
Species: No set species/Hybrid. He shares characteristics from hyenas, canids, and felids.

Xing Tian

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Can I make a colour request for the two characters in my profile, the one on the left is a bunny and the other is a skunk

The bunny girl is a very nice, calm and friendly person, seeing as a motherly figure while the skunk is a very flirty person who likes to embarrasse her friends
Glad you guys like them!
@Xing Tian I'm going to do some other requests for people that haven't gotten them yet. You can post the request here, but I can't promise you will get something.
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Character Reference Sheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18304224/
Personality or a song that describes them: She is cheerful girl
Gender/Sex: Female
Species: Space cat

Character Reference Sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Character ref - Delia Diamondouros by Volvom
Personality or a song that describes them: Strong willed lady, who is kind and love cosmetics and sweet drinks
Gender/Sex: Female
Species: Noid (original species, cat hybrid like but nose is humans with black underside, and she have skin, no fur.)

Thanks for the chance! ^^ I don't get mad if you don't choose my characters, so no need to worry about it!


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Personality or a song that describes them: shy
Gender/Sex: male
Species: dutch angel dragon (iforgothiswings but they are just normal beige wings)


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