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New to FA forums, introducing myself


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Nice to meet everyone, my name is RenniksArts.
I used to be under the name Sketchy Doodle when I did art. I focused on pony art.

That has changes due to the pony art community basically making me now want nothing to do with them.

Between customers that spend weeks telling me I've done everything wrong as i try to get their commission right, to people changing their whole commission idea when its 90% drawn, to customers bitching about my style despite them choosing me to do their work after looking at said style only to bitch about prices after already agreeing to said prices theyd seen on my price sheet.
I am DONE with ponies.

I will not be drawing ANY ponies that arent for close friends.

I've heard the furry community here on FA is much nicer to artists. I'm hoping to escape the stress and draw things that are more enjoyable. ^-^

So... hello. :D


Cyberpunk musta Susi
Welcome to the forum, darlin'.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

The Furry fandom is always welcoming of new artists.

Like with Bronies, you have people who are are extremely nitpicky, change their minds often, bitch about the pettiest crap, +++, in the Furry fandom too.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend setting up an FA(FurAffinity) account. The forum and the main site are seperate entities.
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