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New to FurAffinity, Taking Requests


Hey everyone! I’m LunarTiger and I’m a brand new artist in this community. I want to make some new friends and share my art with others. If you know any cool artists I should check out on this site or if you have any awesome tips getting around, let me know! I love looking at art and getting inspired.

I’m going to be opening some headshot icon requests this week! I’ll want to draw 2-3 people. I’m in the middle of school, so it might take a couple days to finish. I’ll try to give it my best effort though!

Here’s an example of my work. ( I can’t figure out how to add an image to this post, sorry for the link)
www.furaffinity.net: Sunshine Bobcat by LunarTiger

What I need is a visual ref, the species, gender, age, and if you want a certain expression let me know!

Thanks guys! :)

Blair Rhoden

I wouldn't mind one of my wolfess if she interests you! Her hair is normally in a pony tail! Species wolf, gender female, age 24, expression, playful smirk.


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Smart batto!
You can draw a lizard if you want to! Scalie, female, age ~25-30, the expression of being either confused or surprised .w.


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Heyo. I would like to have a chance. ^w^

Edit: In my excitement, forget to say, welcome and feel yourself at home. ^w^
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Hoooi, Welcome to FA!
I like your art there, its a nice style you have :3

As for me, I'm a Male, Western Dragon, and here's a link to my ref sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Lunaris Ref Sheet by LunarisTheDragon ^-^
As for an expression, how about puzzled if you could :D

Thanks for the opportunity
Also: the way I find cool artists is by going onto the main site and browsing for art of my species! Then you know the artists are willing to draw the specific species :3


Hello and welcome!~
Would you like to draw my demon Lucifer? He is mostly grumpy and is a male. He has a chip on his right ear and has no pupils! If it's a head-shot, full-body, etc is completely up to you!

Lucy Ref
I hope you enjoy your stay here!


The Honey Fox

Welcome to the forums and to the fandom. I'd like to try to give myself a chance as well. Here's my ref sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Marcel the Ratel-fox [ref sheet] by Marcl

Info for my fursona: Male, 30 years old, a hybrid of a red fox and a honey badger. It would we swell if you could draw him grinning :D


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Welcome. I have a few characters you might be interested in.

Dressage: Submissive. Showy. Self confident.
Album (nsfw. nude refs)

Cahaya: Predatory. Headhunter.
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Welcome to the forums friend. It's nice to meet you.:)

You have some real talent judging by your art. I think you would have fun drawing me,

Name : Nexus
Species: Android Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Favorite thing in the world: Budgies

I'd love a smiling expression, contrary to the more serious one here.


I have a full body version as well


I'm on these forums frequently, and my DM box is open if you have any questions.

My main FA page is here if you want to see more of me Userpage of Infrarednexus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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Hello there! Nice to meet you! Now let's get to the drink *pulls out vodka*

Maybe this guy? Maybe do something to make him look happier?

I would be really happy if you... well... made me happy :D


Hello and welcome!~
Would you like to draw my demon Lucifer? He is mostly grumpy and is a male. He has a chip on his right ear and has no pupils! If it's a head-shot, full-body, etc is completely up to you!

Lucy Ref
I hope you enjoy your stay here!
www.furaffinity.net: Lucifer by LunarTiger

I drew your character, but a sketch version of it. I want to do as many people as possible so I’m going to do some colored and some sketches. I don’t want to leave that many people out. I hope this is okay! ^_^ Enjoy!


I have to work on homework now, bleh. I enjoyed drawing these characters today. I’ll do one more round tomorrow. I’ll pick another colored headshot and so some more sketches. So don’t lose hope if I didn’t choose you yet! ^_^


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Hello and welcome! :D

It would be nice to have more drawings of my character. He's a male furry dragon, I can't tell you the age (because I don't know it) but he looks young. Something between 18 and 22 maybe?



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Heya! Welcome to FA! Although I'm not an artist myself, these 2 artists never fail to inspire me to do something creative! I absolutely love their styles!

Userpage of Zephra -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Userpage of Kate-Venom -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

As for requests, You seem pretty backed up, so I hate to smother you, but would you consider drawing my boi?

Here's his reference! Since you're doing headshots, It's completely up to you whether you incorporate his glasses / collars!

Also, a sample piece, showing off his outfit.

He's a male, and is aged 19. I'm not picky on expressions, but ones that've worked on him in the past have been manically insane, determined / focused or lost in thought. But by all means I'm completely fine with neutral expressions.