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New to furry art could y'all give critiques?


New Member
Hi, as the title says im new and would love if yall gave suggesions on what i can do to improve my art :)
I tried drawing different styles here are some examples (they all 30 min sketches on my ipad for refrence):

<-(this one I hevily used a few other artists eyes shape so i wouldnt say its completely origional but like regarding the shading on it)

which do yall think is best regarding shading/ fur shading/ drawing wise? What can I improve on?
Thanks in advance!!


Hello, Proto
Which do I think are the best?
First two, hands down.
Shading and musculature look good.

Second one looks like artwork one might see on the cover of a novel.

Keep up the good work.
Hmm from what I can tell you have a good concept for fur design,but I notice you have less detail and shading in your hair. It seems almost like an after thought.

The first three are good,even cute minus the problem I just said,but the last one's anatomy is bugging me and I think it's because of how the mouth is open. The lines of the mouth is good,upper jaw is good,and teeth are properly placed,but the tounge looks like it should be sprouting from the top of her throat and not the back,like a worm is crawing out.

Super easy fix though for future reference. I fineld imagining a skeleton first. Where is the tongue normally? Laying flat along the bottom of the throat and onlt have motion for the middle,which normally rests along the bottom jaw. All you'd have to do to fix the picture would be lower the back half of the tongue to hide just behind the last bit of bottom teeth.

The skeleton thing really helps I think and I hope it helps you in the future. All in all, good fur texture and muscle definition through the fur,just need to share the details when in relation to hair and other bits of anatomy.