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New to RP (No longer open!)



I've never really RP'd before, longest was about 2 paragraphs in before my partner got too caught up with college. I'm fluent in English and have a minotaur who's ready for an adventure lol
I do best with fantasy settings, and while I'm not good with starting out a plot I can keep the story rolling for quite a long time!
Looking for someone who can put out 4-8 sentences per post! LMK if you're struggling with that and maybe we can work something out.

I'm open to pretty much any type of RP. However, do not come to me with "Let's ERP". No. The answer is no.

I can only do it via discord!

About my minotaur:
  • Kayn is an older adult, in human years he'd be late 30s early 40s. He's also very large at 6'9 (210cm).
  • He's got an issue with humans, elves and other types of humanoids he doesn't mind (anthros are okay as well)
  • Kayn doesn't have one ref, so if we work something out, I'll show you both.
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