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New to the community, total late bloomer



So I am 35, and taking my first dive into the relm of furry.
I am a bit wild and I love to party, hard. I like music, film, animation, gaming, art, and defying convention.
Though I am not great when it comes to drawing, I am too broke to get anyone to do it for me.... So I am hoping to find folks on my level to share feedback and ideas with.

So here is my FA page with my first attempts at designing my character (NSFW)...
Userpage of xxxdedkatxxx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
So introduce yourselfs and link me to your profiles, either here or on my profile faster as I will likely be more active on FA it's self. I like oddballs, freaks, and hiehard tryhards of every flavor, though sarcastic twats are my favorites <3


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there...am also a huge fan of film and cinema, and well...I am known to go out, and get in some mischief; love seeing live music, and such.

As a fellow Agent of Minor Calamities, I extend a paw in greeting : P