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New to the fandom and could use some guidance


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Well hello there. I just recently decided to join the fandom and pretty much have no clue what I'm doing.

I watched a couple of introduction type videos and the first step recommended in almost all of them is to make a fursona and get a reference sheet done. I do have some idea for a character but neither artistic talent nor do I know where to look for and find artists to commission.

I'd really appreciate if someone could point me into the direction of an artists I could commission. Preferably one that knows how to deal with someone who is kinda clueless about everything.

Also I'd like to hear what you do within the fandom for fun. I want to explore the fandom a bit and see if I can find my place in here. So far my experience has been limited to reading about the fandom but that only get's you so far.

Either way I'd appreciate any and all advice. Thanks in advance ^^


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Hello and welcome to the fandom! =3
So, I think there is no rush in making a fursona and getting a refsheet. Some develop their sonas for years (like me) or make new ones if they feel they want something new.
Refsheets are usually needed to:
- not forget how exactly your character looks like, their distinctive elements and accessories;
- show them to artists you want to get an artwork from;
- show them to other furries, for example for roleplay purposes.
You can find artists who can help you with refsheets and character design on almost any art site, like FA or DeviantArt, but you will probably have to search for an artist who takes commissions at the moment, look for some kind of advertisement uploads or journals that say "commissions open".
You can also check ych.commishes site, where artists actively look for clients to make them ychs and commissions, some of them offer to make refsheets.
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While most furries have fursonas it's by no means a requirement. Look at me, a furry for 3½ years and no fursona. :) Develop a fursona if it brings you pleasure but don't feel pressured just because everybody else seems to have one.

If you want to find nice people the best way is just to be open and tell about your interests so like-minded furs can find you.


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Develop a fursona if it brings you pleasure but don't feel pressured just because everybody else seems to have one.
Good advice. Do not feel pressured that you need to establish a 30 page backstory either. I started four Months ago and thought how about a fox, and then slowly added some things I like or fits. Take your time...

At the end its all about a good time, welcome and enjoy your stay. People are very friendly here and if you have any question feel free to ask.

And one thing at the end, although the fandom is very centered towards art, there are a lot of other creators out there who really make cool stuff, besides the art... which is still awesome though. So if you have a way of expressing your creativity you can do that here.


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  • Consider joining some furry Facebook and Discord groups, and mostly lurking/observing for a bit.
  • Make a Furaffinity account and/or a Weasyl account (if you haven't already) so you can browse and post art.
  • Browse Youtube for videos targeted particularly at young people and newbies in the fandom. Pay attention to the repeated themes and oft-emphasized advice.
  • Browse Wikifur to learn about the fandom.
  • Search articles on Wikifur that contain a "controversies" section. Familiarize yourself with controversial people and issues in the fandom, so you can make an informed choice about the quagmires and dumpster fires you may want to avoid. Take time to learn and observe before weighing in on hot controversies.
  • Consider commissioning new/emerging and/or young artists to start. They'll get much-appreciated publicity and work, and you won't be as neurotic about paying out the ear for art when you're still just figuring out your character.
  • When you commission an artist, do some cursory research to find out if their previous customers have been pleased with their work, or if people have issued "bewares" on them.
  • Learn more about the fandom from Furscience: http://www.furscience.com
  • Watch documentaries like "The Fandom" by Ash Coyote and Eric "Ash" Risher, "Fursonas" by Dominic Rodriguez, and "Furries" by Eric Risher to learn more about the fandom
  • Here's a playlist you may find helpful and informative: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxsZOmD8LMklu72-65NrCZjPrWqgOXPzo


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I'm making a blog that has helpful resources for new furries, so this is perfect!

I think a good starting point would be to simply hand around and chat on the forums, getting to know other furries. Watch furry YouTubers and support fellow furries with their projects (by giving them encouragement, donating to furries in need, following fellow furries on other sites, etc)! I find that the furry community is a very friendly community. Honestly, so many groups call themselves "communities" but they don't support each other and form meaningful friendships the way this one does.

There is drama in some parts of this community, along with NSFW parts of it, but if you're not into that type of stuff it's relatively easy to avoid. Furries here are a bit more accepting of different views and opinions, I find, but don't push it on other websites. You'll find fast that some people take things to the extreme.


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Hello newcomer! We're happy to have you!
As for refrence artists, RavingAngel here on FA did my older ref sheets and they look incredible!