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New To the fandom


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Hey there everyone. Names Keith, just a newcomer to the fandom. I love to draw, I draw everything I think I can. Not the greatest but we all start from somewhere. Anyways if anyone wants me to take a shot at drawing up your fursona or a character just give me a shout on my page.


Hey there, welcome to the forums! remember to leave your sanity at the doorstep or you'll lose it somewhere around here :)
I'm rather new to the fandom as well and there are haters in deviantart so i started here.
Have a great time around the forums and gimme a shout if you ever want to do a trade or something, see ya around =D
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Thanks for the advice, I had a devianTart once so yeah. Just take the internet with a grain of salt.


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I actually like your style, if your avatar is by you. It's simple, and easy on the eyes. Welcome!

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Welcome to the FA forums. It sounds like you've had some bumpy next experiences already. Hopefully your stay here is more pleasant. I may take you up on your offer. n_n



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Why thanks! My avatar is my own I can assure you, I spent way too long on it to be honest. It's hard drawing with a mouse I try to get things as right as I can without going into it for days.


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Welcome to the kinder gentler forum...not! But it is the best ever! Have fun.