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New to the forum


Under-caffeinated creator
Hello everyone!

I set up an FA account about a year or two ago, but the last year hit so hard it's been a little inactive and sporadic. I am an artist and like to doodle and do commissions for people.

I've always had a love of animals (platonic) and my favourite shows have always been documentaries. When I was younger I both read and watched things like the Animals of Farthing Wood, Watership Down and the Robin Jarvis books and I have to say, I think they left indelible scars on my brain.

Of furry and anthro things, I am currently enjoying Aggretsuko.

Otherwise I am always watching Sci Fi or cooking shows and documentaries.

If you like my style, please consider commissioning me, my rates are in the low end because I'm quite unknown. I do do NSFW on request but I do have some things I draw the line at producing (pun intended). If you're interested, simply drop me an email or a message and we'll see.

Let's see, what else?

My favourite game is Minecraft, which I never get tired of and own on every platform except tablets because I have poor impulse control when it comes to games. I also work in textiles and am designing some plush toys for children in the family.


Reet Mazer
Howdy and welcome to the forums! You have some nice art.

Watership Down is forever a favourite book of mine, too.
Welcome to the forums! Hope you’ll have a nice time here :)