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New to the forums


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I haven't lurked much yet so I'm not quite used to what goes where but I'll eventually get things figured out, I always do.

Well anyway about me now, I'm really interested in fantasy and adventure crap. I keep thinking about this one story I just want to write out though it never comes out right when I try, I can't seem to get a good hook at the beginning. I'm a very lazy person, some people say I'm smart but I doubt that I am, I just get lucky a lot.

I have, what you might say, a strong tolerance for many things. I can view something once and get a little disgusted by it but then I quickly get used to it and am able to do whatever the heck I want with it, like sending it to my friends or tape it on my wall so I wake up to it, I did that with a picture of the Crypt Keeper, lol.

So I hope I can fit in here with you all.


Taking it easy :P
Hey welcome to the forums ValiantWolf at your service. *bows*

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Hi there TheEternalZohne. Welcome to FAF.
See your a fellow dragon. Always a pleasure to welcome a new dragon. :3

Just look around some. You should fit in fine if you can get used to things easy.
Hope you enjoy your time here.

*gives a welcome hug*


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Welcome to the forum. I know that "writing issues" situation only too well. ;)

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welcome to FA forums *wags* have fun, so forth and dont feed the trolls :p

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Welcome! Are you into gaming? Be careful, there might be trolls hiding under that bridge!


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Hey there! Welcome! o/

By the way, tip for you. Edit your Forum profile info and take the URL out under FurAffinity page. It's appended automatically via the board settings. All you have to do is type your profile name.

Example: since my FA page's profile ID is oasus, that is all I have to type. And the link under each post I make will read "http://www.furaffinity.net/user/oasus"

P.S.: Did I hurt your brain yet? =P
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I prefer Sci Fi to fantasy/adventure myself, I like the thought of traveling to the stars and being beemed up on w--- *bbzzzz* "Welcome aboard Racasha, you're just the anthropomorphic horse human we've been looking for" What? Wait, is that earth down there?!