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New to the Furry Fandom!

Hello! My furry name is Flara! I'm a red panda! :D I've only been in the community for about 3 weeks, and I love it! I have two friends the helped me see that I am a furry! I never knew if I was or not, I felt like "maybe? Maybe not?" But I am and I'm happy! :D:D:D I really enjoy being a furry and being in the community!

Just the other day, I got my younger brother (by a year) interested in furries too! :grin: I'm already helping him figure out his fursona!

Thank you for letting me in your fandom! I hope yo get to know you all, and see you at conventions!!! :D:D:D



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Few tips.

1. There's a forum dedicated to these kinda introductions right here. Not a big deal but just for future reference.

2. Try not use so many smiles. One or two towards the end of a couple sentences is okay but having like 10 of them is a bit excessive.

3. Try not to take furry stuff seriously. It's not a serious thing by any stretch so just be chill about it. If you aren't chill about it and do start taking it seriously you're gonna have a bad time on FAF.

Also welcome and stuff.


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Hello and welcome! I hope you have the opportunity to attend some cons and/or gatherings at some point, since that's one of the highlights, I think.

Just continue to enjoy the people and things that give you joy, and don't get too worried or upset about the occasional bad egg or drama-monger that you may run into in the fandom, or the occasional nasty or snippy comment you may hear about furries. Just like with anything and anywhere, there are positives and negatives, so just focus your energy and time on the positives.

Red pandas are awesome. Let us know when your brother creates his fursona!


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You look so eager
For one so new
I hope in time
that you get a clue

I joke, I kid
You're well and good
I also welcome you
to this little neighborhood

Mind your manners
and wise up quick
Or else you'll get mad
and wind up sick
I don't think he will right now


Welcome the FAF, I also only found out about the fandom a few weeks ago!
Also welcome to the community and have a awesome time!


Wow, red pandas are becoming popular. I am one as well. I was torn between kitsune and giant panda, each representing an extreme side of my dissonant personality. But now these two sides are coming closer, and I've united them into one through the red panda.

Welcome to the fandom, and I hope you have fun with it.