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New to the Pack


New Member
Hello! While new to this site I am by no way new to furries. Been a furry my entire life but have been isolated from the community until recently, thanks to finding a few furry friends on other sites.

I consider my fursona a shapeshifter who takes the forms which manifest in my dreams. At it's core, I am a dragon of the night, loyal guardian and seeker of hidden truths. The wolf is silent and gentle, guiding me along new paths. Beware the werewolf as it's rage incarnate. Recently I have taken the form of a jackal, curious, cunning, creative, yet unsure of where to go. Guess it says something about me.
Rhith Primary Colors FurA Compressed.png

That aside, I enjoy drawing and can draw a variety of styles! Currently my muse is in the Sonic-style but I have plans to draw my Jackal fursona in a different style in time. Also enjoy writing and roleplaying, major world builder here! Pretty shy and often don't reach out first but always looking to find new friends and adventures! Open to doing adopts but so far when I ask if people want me to draw adoptables, I get ignored...maybe better luck here?