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new to this community as a whole



Hello. I'm ghost, and it has been a long time since i've been on any forum; as such, the way i type has evolved completely separately from forum culture.

i have been around a lot of furries and furry-adjacent people in my time at college, and now that I've dropped out (for health reasons), I wanted to see if this might be a place I could fit in. i thought it sounded nice to be in an active creative community (i'm an artist).

i'm working on designing my outfit as we speak, and soon i should have a profile image. i will probably not be super active because i'm more of a nonverbal communicator, so i'll be trying to figure out how to make a presence and make friends here.

anyways, some things about me:

irl i'm 22, nb+trans, they/them pronouns; grew up in southern california and went to oregon for college.

i like frogs and toads, guro art, jojo's bizarre adventure, and i practice chaos magick. (that sounds more edgelord than I intend to be; i promise any edge is tongue in cheek.)

i studied studio art for three years. i'm currently working on writing an illicit thesis and sneaking it into my college library, supporting image as a valid method of communication and exploring spiritual teleportation, for lack of a better word, through that method. (i'm still in the research phase, so the thesis is poorly defined. please bear with me.)

anyways. i guess that's it. i'll be back soon with a character bio. i'll be a glass frog. i read the rules, but feel free to help me not sound like an idiot online, or help me get around. i hope to post a lot of art here. AMA.


Smudge and arrogant
Welcome to the forums mang, I would recommend the main site FurAffinity for posting art and using the forums as a place to advertise. That’s what most people do anyway, there might be more about it in the Forum Rules.

We’re mostly good folks, feel free to reach out if you have any questions