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Hello Hello!!


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Hello! I’m also <18, and I would say to look at the “Forum Games” section. It’s a fun place.

I would say that the only problem with being <18 on here is that there are a few suggestive comments/jokes, but as long as you don’t mind the occasional PG-13 comment, it’s fairly safe on here!

I don’t suggest going into the political section, as it can get quite heated in there, apparently. (I’ve never looked in there, so I don’t know how bad it is, but I figure that it’s pretty bad.)

Welcome! As you already know, this is a pretty nice community. (Why do I keep coming to these so late? :mad:)
I hope you have a good time on here! Don’t be afraid to ask somewhat newbie questions! If you ever feel uncomfortable about something in here, you can always just go to a different thing!

Edited because I realized that the inequality was the wrong way around. We all make mistakes, I guess!
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