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New World


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Hey there!
I've tried to find a post covering Amazon's upcoming MMORPG but couldn't find one (and page 2 following is cursed, as we all know) - so I now went ahead and created one!

New World is a multi-faceted RPG which will launch August the 1st this year, for those who aren't already familiar with it. It underwent a lot of development, paradigm shifts and for sure is promising to become a very intriguing experience.

I've personally played in the early alpha under NDA and can say that it's definitely worth a try, the content available in the current beta is better than I expected it to be and for those who are new to the game, here's the trailer!

Also, for those who played the preview and want to catch up, here's a video which covers how the game improved and what changed.

With the intro out of the way: What do you think about it? Why do you / do you not want to play it?
Also, feel free to post company invites here!


Honestly I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm not really what I'd call a "medieval-type" fan when it comes to games (if it's the wrong era don't hurt me I'm small brain) but after giving it a go I can't see it any other way. I guess I'll preface my likes/dislikes with my current state in-game. It's probably well-known at this point that there is a beefy xp exploit revolving around resetting the board every minute, and while that's great in a beta test of a game, it really turned me off to continuing on thus far. I've leveled my craft a considerable amount, spending 99% of my time not having left my starter zone while I brought everything up. I haven't explored other regions outside of small treks to Brightwood for my faction's next tier and Windsward to try out group PvP. I also haven't tried any of the dungeons yet, and at this rate I don't think I'll get around to any of it. I correlate losing every PvP encounter I've had with my lack of levels/trait points, and while that might not be the case (I'm just bad) I cannot stand feeling inferior when I have opportunity to gain an advantage/equality. And that is where the xp exploit comes in. Doing it efficiently requires a friend/another account and I'm short on both of those. Knowing there is a way to drastically increase my xp gains compared to normal content has left me staring at a mountain with no iron on it. Empty inside and out.

What I Like:

Starter Zones / Monarch's Bluffs

My starter zone was Monarch's Bluffs, and up until recently I didn't know there were multiple zones. I'm biased in my opinion, but I think Monarch's is the best zone to have been dropped into. I have not checked out the other zones at all. Hell, I don't even know what regions they are. Having spent basically all my time playing in this zone though, there is one huge positive for this zone that, as far as I know, doesn't carry over to other starter zones, and that is the placement of the settlement. More specifically, the placement of the settlement relevant to the resources you can gather. This makes more sense in context, so bear with me. Going out the eastern side of the settlement, there is a cliffside that's basically a straight line of iron veins. This area is usually riddled with newbies mining precious iron, but it is just the start. Make your way all the way down the line and you'll come across a cliffside, and this cliffside is going to be your best friend if you know how to navigate it. On the right of it is a single vein of starmetal, and on the left is an entire adventure. 2 silver veins sit on top of a dirt mound surrounded by shock bulbs, and as you keep going left, you'll come across 3 iron veins and what seems to be an impassible cliff. This is what makes this route so good. I have yet to find a single person who knows how to climb that gap. They all run up to it and try to grab the ledge, but it is just too high. That's when you turn back to the iron veins and see the mountain has stairs in it. Climb those bad boys, and where do you end up? At least 12 undisturbed iron veins and a lightning beetle every. single. time. Drown in iron, drown in levels, and respawn back at camp conveniently placed next to the settlement. There's so much more to the route too, but I won't go into much more detail. This paragraph is too long. Aside from Monarch's having an amazing early resource route created by yours truly, what I really like about the starter zones in general is the access to higher tier resources. Having small amounts of starmetal, orachalium, other resources I haven't looked for makes it so if I really wanted to focus on crafting, I don't have to leave my zone until I'm ready to experience that content. I can get everything to level 100 sitting at level 10 and move on knowing I don't have to stop and farm faction tokens/level my craft to make armor/tools for my level. Maybe it's inefficient, but having that option feels fantastic.

Fall Damage, Hiding From Enemies

As unrealistic as it may seem, I think not dying instantly is awesome. It makes exploring much more fun in what seems to be a snoozefest sometimes. I can do my resource route and jump right off the mountain to continue my gathering without having to reroute myself just to get down. Another thing I enjoy is the enemy AI. Yeah, sometimes I can stand in front of an enemy 10 levels above me and they can't see me while I'm looting a supply crate. Or sometimes everything will see me and I'm being chased by a bunch of dung-throwing zombies. That's when I can jump up onto a roof or a random pillar and watch as they give up and retreat back to their spawn points. Being able to disengage a fight you really don't want/can't fight is underrated. Additionally, and this is hit or miss, you can cheese enemies by shooting them from up top, drop back down to reset their aggro timer, and hop back up for free damage. This lets people without friends/solo players kill elite mobs like the giant trolls without begging for help. This also lets me grab potatoes in a farm filled with overleveled mobs so I can make mining luck food for fae iron that will never appear.

Crafting, Weapon Mastery

I'll keep this one short. I like how they did the crafting system. It's fun to level, and right now it's easy to level. I don't need a stack of 200 of some material that drops off a mob 50% of the time. I can make iron arrows in bulk and get 50 engineering in 10 minutes. I hope they expand on recipes outside of cooking, too. Weapon mastery is also a big plus for people who don't know what they want to play or like to fulfill different roles. Not being bound by a class system makes it so you don't have a server full of DPS looking to run a dungeon with the only healer and tank in the game. Now anyone can take that role should they have their sets made.

Housing, Camping

I have yet to buy a house, but the concept of having both a storage facility and furniture that gives you buffs is awesome. Expanding on homeowning to make it practical and not just for show gives it more of a purpose and turns it into an investment rather than a luxury. Having one as a fast travel point is terrific too, but I think camping probably takes the cake. A placeable spawn point almost anywhere you want in a world you're forced to travel on foot is invaluable. Hit respawn and save yourself 5 minutes. Makes things like resource runs so much more efficient.

What I Dislike:

The Community

My server is dominated by the Syndicate, and just being in the faction makes the other half of the server (Marauders) give me the finger. I'm not safe, and neither is the chat.

Conquering Territory

This falls in line with the community, moreso when one single company has a monopoly over half the map and gets to pick and choose what gets what. Now this might change on release in some shape or form, but having your faction governed by one company kind of forces you to play the game how they want it. Join them for the extra bonuses the company gets. Go find another town with a tier 4 crafting station that none of your faction's towns have because they only leveled one stations per town. Dumb things like that.


Why is my man wearing iron boots while he's naked? Forced to walk slowly through the shallows and into the depths of the sea. With how much water there is in some regions, not having swimming is a sin. I'm forced to travel across the map to the bridge or insta die trying to swim a few meters to the other beach.

Fae Iron/Petrified Wood, Regional Items

I don't know how many iron veins I mined over the course of my playtime, but the drop rate for Fae Iron is completely ridiculous for what it's used for. Same goes for Petrified Wood, though I haven't had the pleasure of trying for that. These materials essentially have no chance of dropping until your levels are close to the 100s, and become completely obsolete gear pieces around that time. The worst part is, maybe there was no chance they drop in Monarch's, because I'm 99% sure certain items are region specific, namely herbs and spices. Dill and Cinnamon have a 0% chance of dropping in Monarch's Bluffs or your money back. I forget the area they drop (might be First Light) but n o w h e r e in game does it say that spices are native to their zones. I'm pretty sure Peppercorn is one of Monarch's native spices. You can't help but wonder what else only drops in so and so region.

And that's it before I break this thread writing a book. Just the things that popped into my mind. Up until now, I've enjoyed spending my time grinding my crafts, and I'm looking forward to running my route again and getting an edge on release.


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... honestly, I do not know what to say about this game without coming off like a butthole. It just looks so cliche. Like, what is the plot of this game? Are there good creatures in this world besides humans? What does this medieval fantasy game do differently from the thousands and thousands of other medieval fantasy games out there? Like, it would be awesome if you could play as some Beastman and ride and tame dragons and monsters, but more often than not in these kind of games, you can only play as a human and you never get anything more interesting as a mount or an ally than a generic horse, and also more often than not, literally every creature exists except for cats dogs and horses just to kill or antagonize humans. I see so few exceptions to this to the point where it is kind of frustrating. Is this game any different?