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New Year's resolutions?

I'm so lacking in self-control that even arbitrary wake up calls such as New Year's resolutions do absolutely nothing for me. Guess I'm just not as impulsive as other people. Shit sucks.


The Last of Us.
Make your resolution to not get a girlfriend.
Not getting a girlfriend means you kept your resolution.
And breaking your resolution means you got a girlfriend.

Everybody wins, i like it ^_^


Getting drunk and staying that way for the rest of the year

Nah really, my only resolution is to forcefully take myself to see a therapist. I would've done it now but... yeah, Christmas break


Lose 40 more pounds, on top of the 20 I lost the past few months.. uh, get into CCAD/OSU's dual credit program for Economics and Illustration, with a minor in Graphic Design..
Uhm. Maybe stop obsessing about how I look and focus on my own happiness, as opposed to happiness of others?

And maybe cut back on drinking sugary drinks. Thats all I got.


The future Mrs. Schmuck
Economics and Illustration

I guess I have a NYR. Get down to 180 lbs, graduate and never ever ever go back to school again, and get the fuck out of California before I kill myself. They're more like future goals, rather than resolutions, though. I doubt I'll stick to the first and the last parts anyway because I'm lazy.
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Do something because you WANT to, not because it's some arbitrary day you feel like you HAVE to make a goal.
I feel like a better practice would be to not wait til New Years to start, to start right now and not have this impending deadline. idk. I'm already doing the things I set myself up to do I just need to go go harder at it and not give up in 2013. :3

My new year's resolution is to draw more furry porn.
Haha, yeaaaa.


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I am considering trimming my long hair into a lovely-sized Deathhawk, but I am unsure if I am prepared for the upkeep it requires.

That and starting up a successful new story for an old character of mine as well as a new Shadowrun campaign.


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It was: don't post negative or vaguely angry status updates on facebook. I think i posted the least out of all my friends haha

Next year isn't really a resolution, more of a goal. i'd like to get out of my dead-end job and actually do something that doesn't make me feel like i wasted 5 years of my life in college.


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In my family, we've started using one-word resolutions that are essentially embodiments of a theme. My mother, for example, is choosing "Savor" for 2013: to savor the good moments, to not rush into the next thing as soon as you have a victory, to enjoy and not to over-indulge.

My word is "Commitment." There's a lot of ways I can work on this theme.


Mine, since I actually have one this time, would probably be to get a boyfriend.
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Bipolar Bear

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Mine would be to get fit for once. Not muscular or anything, but toned and a lot more slimmer.


My New Years Resolution will be for me to quit smoking. I am going cold turkey on this one. It will be hard to do it, but its been something I've been needing to do for a while now. Its been pretty bad lately since I'm up to 1 pack per day. Its burned a huge hole in my wallet and has started affecting others around me. I still love cigarettes and cigars, but I really need to quit. Any advice and help here would be greatly appreciated from others who have quit.


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Get a mate and start making contacts in college for acting and all that. Those are really the only two I really want, at least for now.


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[FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I've got quite a few...

To write and record some new music. I've been lazy this year.
To find a new job to afford singing lessons.
Keep off the french fries and soda. It's been 6 months without soda and I'm going to uphold it.
To give up caffeine completely.
To get a gym membership and get my body in a healthy condition, as well as lose like. 100 pounds. My older brother did it, I can too. :V
To learn to manage and conserve my money. (I've already started on this and it feels good having money when I need it, especially for a tow)
To get a new (to me) car, as I've put more than my fair share of money into my current car and it's an unreliable gas hog.
Last but not least, to discover myself. What I'm into. What I'm not. Never really explored it.

Optional things I don't care too much on but they'd be lovely-
Finding a mate
Be more social
Maybe attend a con

It's gonna be a good year.


See ya latter ****ers.
My resolution is to get fat and lazy V: