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Newbie to the main site peeking at the forum side

Mama Immo

New Member
Hey there folks! I go by Immo, but lotsa people call me "Mama" because I tend to be the oldest fangirl in the room ^^;; This is what comes from being 30 and a fan of things like Hetalia and Homestuck I s'pose >w<

Annnnnywhos, just taking a looky-loo over here after my first couple of days with a new gallery on the main FA site to see what's what.

My gallery is about a solid 99% NSFW so far but that should balance out as time goes on, lol


The Arcane Sage
Welcome to the dark side! Your not that old by the way! I took a peak and I see what you mean, but still nice work. We keep this place at more of a PG-13 as we have members here who probably don't even shave yet! Just wait until you meet Grandma-fox, she is a couple of years younger than I but quite the spirit!


PiratePiratePiratePirateP irate
wasap mama? Feels like a gangster name. WELCOME, to the forums.

Mama Immo

New Member
Thank you so much for the lovely welcome ^_^ I look forward to meeting all sorts of folk here. It's refreshing to not be the oldest in the forum again XD
I'll be certain to keep things safe for young eyes here, it's not my first time having to mind the young'uns XD

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
Heyo Mama nice to meet ya! Hope to see you around.


Welcome...I'll just say I'm older then 30 yrs here and I know what you mean about the age, it's like people stop having fun at a certain age or something. Also I'm going to look at your gallery now.