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Newbies of the forum. Come here! :-) !!


"Spurt Spurt Spurt.. Splat"
Hello, as a new member. It can be hard to get use to a forum, make friends and feel like you are apart of this forum. As welcome members can be, it takes time. And I'm sure some other newbies are the same. So I thought I'd make a thread where we can let you know of our progress.

Could be bad or good. Helps us newbs out a little, you guys wil be aware of how we feel around here and can take action if a member is having problems fitting in or feeling involved. Or just pat people on the back for their great progress.

PS - I hope this thread is allowed, if not. Feel free to lock it mods. :)

So far on my progress; I've been a member for about 24 hours. Another newbie to this forum introduced it to me. This is the second forum I use as a fully active member. (I use MyResistance.net too) I'm experianced over on the other forum and I kinda forgot how it felt to be a new guy but I know that as a member who looked out for newbies of the forum. I would like to know how they are doing. So I'm telling you know;

I'm doing well. I've made an awesome friend. ;)
Nightfire = awesome. :p

Shes really friendly and nice to me, really makes me feel at home here. We had some cool convos and stuff. Hope to carry them on. Apart from that I ain't bonded with any other members. Although I look forward to doing so in the future. I'm just going to threads that fit me well and I feel I can get involved in. Over time I shall be more involved, but for now. I want to make friends.

HI. :)

But yeah, thats me so far.
(I'm going away tomorrow till Monday. So once I'm offline, I'll be back. So don't worry if I ain't online for a day or two). :cool:

Discussion is open;


"Spurt Spurt Spurt.. Splat"
Thanks you.

I'm glad someone has posted here, started to think nobody cared. lulz. :(


Totally Gay For Bridget!!
Hi there, welcome to the FA forums. hope u enjoy ur stay


"Spurt Spurt Spurt.. Splat"
Thanks for the welcomes, and I'd like to welcome other new members. :)


I iZ AwZuMm
Welcome to the forums. Im Icie. Its nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay! =) Usually always here if you need me.