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Newcomer here :D


local catboy
Hopefully I'm doing this right lol

Hello !! I'm Archer, he/him, and about to turn 21 as of posting this!! I'm new to the forums and FA in general- I had made an account a few years ago, but I found it difficult to keep online on so many websites outside of Tumblr (my preferred social media unfortunately). Due to recent events, I now have to pay rent to keep my own room or find somewhere else to live (ideally, after some time or funds have been gathered), and I hope to share my art with some of y'all while doing so!!

I have a few jobs that I'm working atm, and I hopefully would like to teach at elementary-school level with my Child and Adolescent Development (CHAD, lol) degree!

I'm a big DnD nerd, and I co-DM for an all-monster campaign called Other Side of the Blade on Tumblr if you'd like to check it out !! :D


Here's some stuff that I use for my traditional art that can be added to commissions :D


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Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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