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Art Trade: NEWCOMER looking for SFW art exchanges to diversify portfolio


New Member
Hey y'all,

Just arrived here and I'm really new to the fur affinity community(or furry community overall). I'd like to work towards making character sheets, portraits and custom requests of fursona/feral characters and similar OCs, but don't have much furry/feral related art to show. That's why I thought it would be fun to have an art exchange! I could offer it for free, but I don't want to get swamped by requests and this way it would be... more fair I suppose?

I'd like a max of 3 slots(for now) . One full body and two shoulders up portraits in semi flats. Sfw and preferably different species for diversity.

let me know if you're interested!(please include some examples or a link to your own art) I don't have a page here but you can see some of my work on my insta @moka_creates:D



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I don't think I really have time for a swap right now, but I'll gladly give you a follow on Insta :)
(Also, since you're majoring in art for games, let me know if you ever need a programmer.)