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NFWS critique needed.


I always find it amusing that even when I'm drawing pronz it's more like, "I dunno... I don't think that arm/shoulder looks right." Anatomy ho!

The two pieces for critique are here and here. If you need to delineate which you're critiquing, fox and dragon work just fine for me.

Problems already noted by me:
Fox: The right arm's actually bent, so the elbow's closest to the viewer. I should probably make the elbow a little bigger.
- I think something's wrong with the foot
- The left arm seems too stretched, either that or the shoulder blade's not in the right place for it (good god, I've dislocated me own shoulder!)

Dragon: Man, did I pick a hard pose >_<
- Right arm needs desperate help
- Left hand's too small
- Yay for crazy perspective for the torso! I'm planning on moving the right breast over and make it less.. umm... silicone-y :p


Another one...
Fox: Hmmm... Not bad. You should to pay attention to shoulder. You should to make it little higher. If it leans on a knee, shoulder seems more weakened. Try to take advantage of real photos with such position of a body. And about a foot. Simply clean this joint, in my opinion it should look more smooth, but without this dislocation. And the last - it is not necessary so to allocate ass :) Make its more smooth.

Don't know about dragon. Emmm... I think, that except for these mistakes about which you have already told, no more mistaces.

Certainly, I not such good artist (in my opinion you have higher level than my), but i hope it will help you.


1st pic - looks nice. the only problem is that the waist seems rather slender. the waist with males are about equal with the shoulders in length. a bit wider with females....

2nd pic - nothing that i can really spot. and speaking of spots, u should clean up ur pics some more and get rid of those spots :3