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Nice to Meet Everyone!! Præy_Tell


Hi! I go by both Præy Tell and Ellie Rose(on my Art Instagram), but Præy is preferable here. I’m 25, and my Pronouns are She/They.

IRL I’m a Wife, Mother, Artist, Baker, and Adult Model; and I love to play Role Play Video Games(like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout) and Dungeons and Dragons.

I used to be really into Furry stuff when I was a teenager (I even used to sew fluffy ears and tails, probably have my old patterns laying around somewhere...), so now that I’m an adult I’d like to join the community proper. I hope to make new friends here ☺️

(Attached is my Fursona, also called Præy, she’s a German Shepherd)


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Woof? Woof
Glad to have ya.

Welcome to the forum, love.