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Nice to meet you all


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Hello, I am a teenage furry guy. I have varying interests. I enjoy camping, weapons, science (espicially alternative energy), biking, and disco lighting. I appreciate most music, with the exception of screamo and rap music. I have a very secretive personality, only my friends know much of anything about me. I honestly don't have a single furry friend. I've only seen one person at school I think "might" be a furry. I've heard about this forum a lot and I recently decided that I may try to find a friend or two. I welcome any and all questions. Sorry if this has sounded too formal. I really am a friendly and funny guy.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Hey there! Welcome to the site, do you have a main-site account?
I don't meet any furries in real life on a regular basis either. I know like one furry guy who goes to a nearby university.

I hope you enjoy yourself here.


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Thank you, and yes I do have a Main Site Account. Sorry if im slow at responses or any forum stuff. Not only is this my first furry forum. It's my first forum ever. Never been very trusting of any people, espicially on the internet.


Don't worry you are not alone i only know 2 furries in real life they seam to hide lol but meh. welcome to the forums and trust me you will meet a lot of great people and friends on here it's a great forums site. Just some friendly advice, make sure to read the rules and no roll play. :V also means sarcasm which this forums has a lot of so as long as you arnt uptight you will fit in just fine.


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Welcome, me too i don't have any furry friends...I don't even suspect someone to be a furry :p you should test the guy you suspect! Maybe he have some furry friends


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Wow you sound sooo much like me its scary... Very secretive, shy, an absolute LOVE of weapons...
You, my friend, have just made a friend.
Welcome to FAF.


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Hi there, teenage furry guy!

Disco lighting--that's very interesting. I've not heard of that interest before, at least as a separate interest.

Screamo is generally terrible, yes.

Any favorite sci fi authors, films, series, or shows?

Why do you think you are so secretive, if that's not *too* personal a question? :)


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Why, hello there! Can't say I've never seen another furry. I've engaged in activities (not sexual, but might be against the rules to talk about in a thread not about said activities) with at least five other furries in my area, all of whom are some of my closest friends now! ^_^

Anyway, that shyness might be gone before long, as people here tend to be very sociable. I'm sure you'll fit in fine.

Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to add me as a friend and pm me anytime. No trouble at all.
Welcome to the forums!


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Geez thank you to all of you who have replied to my intro thread. I do enjoy disco lighting, my room is outfitted with a laser, strobe light, colorful LED's and more soon. I'm secretive because many people have stabbed me in the back. None of them have been serious but it has been enough for me to stop trusting so many people. I enjoy some Sci-fi movies when they're on television, but I don't have any favorite artists or movies. I'm somewhat shy, but it's nothing serious. Thank you very much to all of you and your advice. I greatly appreciate it.