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Bipolar Bear

Phallus Fellater
We all have at least one nickname that our friends, family or acquaintances call us. The question is, which one of them do you like most? List your favorites in whatever order you like, and leave an explanation of why you are called that.

Let's see... there's:
'Polar Bear' because I resemble mostly everything about a Polar Bear.
'Hermit' because I stay in doors a lot.
'Softie' because I've never fought anyone in my life, and get very emotional at times.
'Mutt' because of my collar.
'Jack the Giant' because I'm a tad bit too tall for age (17-years-old and pushing '6"4 for those who want to know.)
'Scrag' because of my hair being completely out of control. XD

Alright, let's have 'em.


Posing school graduate
My main two are:
Moon (Pagan)
And Styx (For the band and the river)

In high school it was usually:
Hey You
Big Guy

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Batty- for obvious reasons
Flaps-for more obvious reasons
Landers-because of my last name
Flanders-a spin off of Landers, this one hasn't been used in ages though.


A lot of people call me 'Ash' on the account that my name is Ashley. Hate it. The only really consistent nicknames I've acquired are from my online names. Phos from Phosphorus, Zebra, and Hyou from Hyourin.

Edit: Ah right, some people also call be 'Bowser,' as I have an awesome Bowser shell book bag.


Posing school graduate
Flanders-a spin off of Landers, this one hasn't been used in ages though.
Can't upload pics for some reason, so this is gonna be half-assed.
*Homer Simpson voice* Stupid Flanders


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Everyone on the internet calls me by my real name.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Everyone on the internet calls me by my real name.
Eeyup we do Corey.

My nickname? "Ticking time bomb" No "CannonFodder" isn't my real nickname, I just chose that for a internet handle.


drunken pirate
AZ - shortened from my name
Merlin - I'm a druid

that's about it...


Takin it slow.
I occasionally get called Serpa or Derpa by people who know my online handle. Mainly when referring to such matters.

Usually it's just Flynny or Adzy, taken from my real name.
Stupid made up words from my name obviously made to piss me off.
My last name
Super agent, because apparently my name sounds like something from a bad crime show :I


New Member
Most of my friends know me as 'Dashie'. This is because I'm usually fairly impatient, impulsive and hate to wait. If something needs doing, I want to do it -now-. Also because of my sense of Loyalty.
Yup. I'm nicknamed for an MLP character.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Let's see:
JonJon is what my very good friends call me, my personal fav for this reason. (Based off my irl name of course)
Jon-er...*sigh* This is what my grandparents on both sides have called me since I was born, oh my Dad too. (Also, derived from my real name.) It sounds stupid but it's got love behind it so it gets a high spot.
Minion was a nickname my bestfriend used to call me in highschool. We fancied ourselves mad geniuses.
BG is an internet nickname, Butterflygoddess is kinda long. When I was on DeviantArt this happened almost all the time.

@D.Batty, I read your second one as faps and actually lol'd. Good work...


I'm fired up!
i don't have nicknames ;-;

well...some people shorten my fursona name "Ikrit" to iki, witch sounds like icky


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Squirrel Boy >>

Judge Spear

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My nickname has literally been Pachi since middle school. I had a friend that was always into unique names and she came across that which meant striving to be an individual I think (she only said it once). I was always different which was why I had very few friends and a lot of enemies in high school. The kids always expected me to live up to their racial stereotyping because they apparently thought limiting their own kin's interest to what the media portrays means being accepted.
"Listen to rap son, whats this techno shit?. Stop being gay and playing with spiders and bugs, nigga. Get that new NBA. Draw some graffiti. You ain't black" <-Things I was told. :I
No, Daft Punk and Kenji Yamamoto ftw. No, I like bugs and spiders, they don't bother me. NO! WipEout and Contra. No, anime boobs and spaceships. :O

It was two years later when I found and fell in complete love with DoDonPACHI and I was actually really good at. I impressed people at LAN's and conventions if it showed up or if I brought it.
That few months of fiending on it was when the name was plastered on me by my other friends. It's also got a rather friendly tone to it, I think. People always saw me as a pacifist even with the bullshit I took.


The name KigRatel is derived from "Kig-Yar" (my favourite enemy in the Halo franchise and my first conceptual species choice) and "Ratel" (the Afrikaans name for a Honey Badger).

Many people call me "Kig" for short.


Online, mostly Oxy. most likely derived from my Skype name, which originates from one of my fursona names too. :p

Offline, my burning hatred for my birth name is rather well known, so I go with C.S or just C. I had nicknames in high school that were derived from the name, relating to a certain kid's TV show, those were... fun.

Elim Garak

People in BF3 always call me "Faggot", "noob" or "[gunnamehere]fag".
People that know me online call me "Skye", "Dax" or "Ghost".
My family doesn't have a real nickname for me.

Ad Hoc

My pa calls most family members by the diminutive form of their name, or if there isn't one, makes up a pet name based on their real name. Mine's one of the latter, and it's "Obo."

Both of my boyfriends were more prone to calling me by my former screen name, Sol, than than they were to calling me by my real name. Will did eventually switch over to my real name though.

By a very specific group of friends I am called "Doc" or "Doc NG."


White Devil
DD, Double Dee, leastest, lil one, litlin, Paige, my husband calls me wife/asshole/and stoppit- and my dad calls me blood

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
Seya - short for Seyanophis.