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Oh jeez. I have quite a few nicknames I've picked up from various people.

Night: from my fursona'a name
Night-san: because some of my friends used to be weeaboos and it kinda stuck as both a nickname and a username
Nacht: oh, Millar
Various mispronunciations of my last name: lol
Rodent: apparently my friend's parents and older brother think I scrurry about and try to fit into small, dark places a lot ^o.o^
Miss President: I'm my Venture Crew's president. I really hate the label, though; I get this feeling that it won't escape me even after I leave the position.
Bryan Jr. / The Second Bryan / The Second Coming: I'm regarded by my friend's family as the "successor" of Bryan, my friend's older brother's best friend.
Vent: Derived from my username in many places/my fursona's last name, "Ventisia"
Crazy Limbs: Long, long story.
Alpha Bitch: A few of my friends refer to me by this occasionally.
Alpha: Greg calls me this as something of a pet name. He gets "Ace" in return.
Mewmew: Sarukai calls me this, 'cause I call him my mew. :3

Earth Rio

It isn't butter?!
I have various nicknames:

Earth: Based off my fursona, and my general nickname.
Earth-chan: Used solely by my best friend, who is slightly older than me.
Wolfie: Because of my love for wolves, and I'm more carnivore than omnivore.
Holo: My love for apples.
Bails: My general nickname used by everyone who is in my class.

My personal favourite is Earth or Earth-chan.
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Full name: Justin Jones
Nick names: Jonesy
Lil Jones ( Whenever my older brother was around)
Tin man (My dad still calls me this from time to time)

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Full name: Justin Jones
Nick names: Jonesy
Lil Jones ( Whenever my older brother was around)
Tin man (My dad still calls me this from time to time)

Why tinman? That's kinda awesome...


Avatar by Soryane
Sasquatch; because I'm a pretty big guy (6'5").

Sloth; from "The Goonies" because of a terrible haircut.

Polar bear; oddly enough. I'm still trying to remember how that one came to be.

Tank; came from soccer when I was younger. I wasn't the most agile of players, so I just ran people over. Also fits will with "Thomas the Tank," as my name really is "Tom."

"Team Meat Bag." Once again, soccer.

Spidey; it didn't last for long, and was replaced by 'Sasquatch'. It came to be because of a pair of shoes I was wearing that kind of looked like spider webs.

Honestly, I got most of my names from little things that have nothing to really do with me, only a little thing that someone saw. I despise those sorts of names.


Jesuskitty (long joke. Looooong joke.)
"That gay black guy."
Sagekitty <--- RAGE >:C

And my real name is totally secret.

/It's William./ My family calls me B.J! :3
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My name is Aidan so people call me AIDS, some other nicknames include: That weird kid, The kid with the knife, my last name, and The tall kid, I missed a few I think but its not a big deal.


The Fanciest
Not known by enough peeps for them to have nicknames for me. I'm mostly known as Diesel, or around Megaplex this year, "A MILE!"


Four Eyes; Zero Soul
IRL: None, except for the nickname for my full name.
Internet: Comrade, short for comrade calico, a username from my early furry days, and fuzzball, short for fuzzball fury, the nick I use more often now. Also in the irc they sometimes call me nineteen or 1927, because the whole thing is long and hard to type.



IRL: Terrorist. looool v___v because, I dunno. I make makeshift grenades for fun, and love technology? and a more invasive force than rambo? :| my teachers who really know me are scared for their lives rofl.


Soaked In Sin
I used to get called Elvis all the time because of my sideburns growing when I was little. Most of my friends call me B Diddy now.


Posing school graduate
A new one has been added to my list as of day one on my vacation...



Hmm... lemme see here...

Sarukai/Saru/Sarz: Based on my fursona and other usernames.
Cactus-butt: My family sometimes call me this. Because I liked the lion king a lot when I was younger.
Monkeyboy: Brother.. <__<
Meh Sugar: Slurpy call me this. Because I call her my sweetie. <3
Hun: A lot of people call me this. Im ok with it.

Mewmew: Sarukai calls me this, 'cause I call him my mew. :3