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What the Hell I'm doing here?
Online, some friends call me Bahamut because of my gamertag, although most of them prefer to call me by my real name César because its much easier to say =P

Only my family calls me sometimes Yeye

Elim Garak

Ok, I got some new ones apparently:
Führer of the Fags(I forgot to remove smoke bondage gear from my room and a friend was over and now I got this title)
Stalin(Due my low tolerance of idiots and apparently I sound russian when I yell at idiots over teamspeak)
And I keep hearing Professor all the time, fucking knowledge.

Butters Shikkon

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I've been called "Whisper of the Heart" for the past year, after I found the movie under the same name in a remote DVD renting store. I believe my friends thought it fit me because of my usual silence and my affinity towards the kind of the movie and it's producer.

The whole thing? Major Devotion to a nickname I must say. Always had a soft spot for that movie though. "Whisper" would be a cool nickname now that I think about it....


1: Ade, because it's shorter than Adrian.
2. Adri, this one I have no idea and it's only from people who've I've met recently and talk to on Skype.
3. Cherryade, (for those that don't know Cherryade is a cherry version to lemonade but a pink/red colour and originally had lots of colourance in it and was taken off the market but now is making a come back with natural flavours and preservative :/ I highly doubt it.) and anyway there was a mishap with some hair dye which dyed my hair a dark cherry colour so people started calling me Cherryade. Kinda liked it so I may dye my hair that colour again.


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They used to call me "The Walking Dictionary" back in high school because I was better at English than our teacher and I would often correct her when she made mistakes.


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People in highschool called me X for Ecstasy, or the village, because I brought a lot of people together at my lunch break to talk about fun things. :) Now people just call me Bambi, or BUUURRDDD.


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When my sister was little she couldn't pronounce my name, and she called me Yaya. Eventually I adopted it as my fursona's name.


Too many, wish people would just pick one and stick to it:
1. Nick
2. Nicky
3. Nickers
4. Snack Pack
5. Doo Man
6. Woodie


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Et- Youtube username is My[Et]ernalReward
Bant- short for Bantamu
Fainne (pronounced "Fon-yay")- steam name is Bantamu Fainne. Fainne meaning "ring of light"

*Real life*
Ponyboy- long hair, used to be a brony
L- real name is "Logan"
Wade- Deadpool fan, and I'm very comical
Brogan- Bro + Logan

I love nicknames! ;D


IRL? Oh my,

Skinny guy, shrimp, pat, patty,pattycake, smitty, patch, and greg.

and my gf calls me "dolphy".

or "my widdle dolphy wolphy"... the latter gets rather annoying when used repeatedly.


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When I first started going out with my partner we were having the "Are we a couple or just having fun" talk. I came out and asked him "So, what do I call you? Boyfriend? friend with benefit? Snugglebunny?". He replied "Only if I can call you Cuddlecat!"

To this day he calls me his Cuddlecat.


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Name is Richard but I don't really care what people call me. Most of the time people call me Rich. I've been called the following by friends though:
Big Rich
Comrade Dick
Hipster Faggot
Little Faggot

It sucks though since my friends just suddenly disappeared over the past few months. They all either got fired or quit their jobs and had to go elsewhere :/ Times are a changin'!
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Not got many but IRL name just gets shortned to Stu, which to be honest been called since i was little. Never really thought about it too much. Other then, The Ball or Ball as used to play alot of pool and some friends joked around, Stu Ball - cue ball? I dunno, but that stuck through college.

Speedy is another name i have/use regular. Had Speedy Gonzales doing his thing as my text ringtone whch happily went off twice during one of the first ever lectures of uni. No one knowing many names at the time, got stuck with that. Could have been worse i guess?

Work nicknames we tend to go off CB handles and stuff, mines little bilko as my dad's is bilko, yam yam (on account of my accent) or recently The ghost on account they know someones there messing things up/taking stuff but never see me :D


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My Platoon called me either Canada or my last name.


Used to be called stripper in high school since some stuff that happened at the Scottish Highland games. ahahaha.
I get called Colt45 or just 45 cause well, my name is Colt.
Other than that there's ponyboy because well, the outsiders is awesome, and Lisped; which is pretty much just a play on one of my online names my friends like to troll me with. >:i


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Em, given to me by family, my closest friends, and teachers :3
Emmy, given to me by the little kids in my neighborhood :3
Frog, given to me by my mother, i love to swim!


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Juls, given to me by my sister for a male character named Julian. And Juliette is the name of my fursona.
Kaoru, given to me because I am like the twin from Ouran High.
Kiki, given to me by my brother when he was too young to really talk. I had curly hair at the time.


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Back when my hair was out of control some of my friends called me 'hairdo' as a Trailer Park Boys reference