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Ryker is the name.
I was wondering, how many people go by nicknames, and how many go by their real birth names?

Me, I go by either Ryker or Jigsaw, depends on if I am at home or at a party.


Both on and off the internet, I have too many nicknames to count. 99% of them, people came up with all on there own.

The most prominent would be Kat.


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I either go by David or Mr. Awesome.

At any given time, only one person is allowed to refer to me as Dave or Davey.
Oh Davey!

Me, I go by a few. They used to call me Doobie in HS and college, for obvious reasons. Other names included Fatness, Crispy, and the Mad Frenchman. My special move is the French Tickler. Other than that, nothin. Also, AzurePhoenix


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everyone outside my family uses to call me 'appel' which is my nickname on most forums and in most onlinegames. but its also my last name so its a mix of both i guess :p
but my family calls me by my first name, mathias


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I have one nickname and I go by it almost always. I think my family are the only ones who refer to me per name.


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Name's Jessica, but everyone calls me Jesse. One of my best friends throughout middle/high school was also a Jessica, so my group of buddies shortened mine to distinguish between us after Jessica 1 and Jessica 2 started to get confusing. >> It bugs me when adults I'm not familiar with shorten my name, though, even though I hate my full name. e_e


I go by a abbreviated version of my name. My birth name is kind of long.


alot of people outside of school call me "Nick" because of my last name.


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...Lukie... >.>

Also Shoes, because my last name is Schuler, but only my fellow band geeks call me that.


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Online: Skunky

Offline: Smokey (For certain reasons) :lol:


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Usually just a shortened version of my real name, and on rare occasions, Magi or Magikian.

Over the internet its the other way around, Magi or Magikian usually, and rarely my real name.

Offline: Smokey (For certain reasons) :lol:

I can imagine.

Also, in response to your sig: 'Mapquest... helped me find my grandma's house, jerk!'