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Free Art: Night club scene slots giveaway (strictly sfw)

I am giving away ten spots for a nightclub scene. You can read the rules and expectations over here.

Please, note, that comments should be added on the main site, under the image itself, and not on forums. I'm very sorry, but it's way easier this way for me to create lists. You can, however, post any questions here.


'Rules' copypaste:
I am remaking Felix - basically the first anthro I did when joining FA and starting to panic I'm not a furry, and need an anthro character FAST otherwise I won't be welcome here, lol. Since he's loaded af, I thought he might just start looking dappier, but with my tendency to not include unnatural colours and hair into anthro deisgns, this has proven to be a hard thing to do.

But at any rate, I got carried away, and decided to draw a scene instead of him singularly., which holds another ten people in it. Something I'm going to give away to my watches and other random people.

How to enter
- share this image one way or another (post a journal, link on twitter, ad on tumblr - you name it), and post a link to it in a comment - I like characters, and I want more of them down below this image;
- add a reference image of the character you'd like to be drawn in a comment;
- post the comment below.

What is OK and not OK
- make sure you've got a mammal anthro as a character; even if the randomiser will make you #1 pick, but you have a reptile character or a feral instead, I'll scrap that entry, and pick someone else by hand. Yes, I'm speaking to you two - you know who you are, you little buggers;
- make sure the character is yours, or that the person who it belongs to agrees for them to be drawn;
- any sex or gender is fine;
- strictly sfw; if you have any preference for an outfit, do leave a small note - while I won't guarantee that it'll be depicted, in case it won't clash with the rest of the image - I'll do my best;
- giant and hyper characters would be scaled down to fit the scene, however, tall and short characters (if represented on a reference you give me), will be represented with their rsepective heights the best I can;
- wings are fine;
- different body shapes (skinny, voluptuous, fat, chubbystrong, muscled, tubby - you name it) are fine.

After all said and done
- no idea how long will this be open, but I surely will post a warning when the closing day is near; for now, let's say it'll be closed in around a week;
- after the thing is closed, I'll throw your names into a randomiser and let it pick the characters for me - I'll post the results so it's all fair;
- the only thing I'll choose is arranging the characters;
- I want to try more neon-lit scene, so chances are that your characters won't be coloured but b&w (or the basic shade of your character) and the neon colours;
- I also want to try to animate the lights, but cannot promise that;
- everyone's biased, and so am I - my preference is in natural-looking characters, so you'll probably have a better chance at getting to the front spots if your char is whether naturally-coloured, or doesn't look like just a human with a snout; I am sorry to admit this, but I feel like I have to warn about that
- if you have a question - reply to this comment - I'd like to keep the comment section neat for it to be easier to make a list of participants.
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