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"Nighty Stories, Fiery World" Tabletop RPG 18+


I know title would assume "Next FATAL wannabe" but before you stop reading let me try to interest you.
"Nighty Stories, Fiery World" was created in the middle of creating another RPG. It was a normal fantasy setting, but we joked around we could add some NSFW elements. Not everyone was happy with that, but after a few days we wanted to create easy and gun TTRPG system to play with 18+ elements

- Great, so it's FATAL, right?

No, FATAL is too complicated, too gory, too realistic. We want to make it lightheaded, easy to understand and, the most important thing, fun. To play our game you need d10 and d6. having at two of d6 and d10 is enough to enjoy playing our game.
Gore and other cringy elements could be "deactivated" (later about that), but it depends on GM and players what they want to play

- Still, it sounds like rape date play.

You can imagine that, but sex and other things isn't our main goal. Main goal is still having an adventure in fantasy world as human or other fantasy races (for now it's 22 playable races). Intercourse is just as bonus and sure, it could be use in attack like in CoC (Corruption of Champions), but sometimes it will be the worst option avalible.

- If you really wanna do it that way then I BET! There is a lot math

No, not really. If you wanna describe NPC or enemy you not saying their perfect measurments, but "big, fat Ogre" or "small Goblin, who looks like he could fall down on stronger wind". This is our base for that, so people don't need to count EXACLY how big or heavy is their character. Then, few seconds in table for what you want to do and voila! You got everything you need for action.

- OK, looks interesting, but looks pretty standard, even official systems could do something like that with homebrew rules

Of course! We are offering "official rules" for that kind of stuff, so you will have everything ready OR EVEN MORE! Yes, we wanna provide some more that stardard "fight and sex". For now we got three more (optional) mechanics we work on: Vore, Pregnancy, Inflation.

- This sounds promising, but NOW I am sure this will be complicated

NO! At least right now everything is easy to learn and check. Our main goal as I said is to provide fun and not math on university level. Some throws could be changed or deleted, some throws could be added, but we wanna to have fast game. We are tweaking everything almost every day.

- I don't like x and y, but I am interested in z

We know that some things cringe people, so except fighting and sex others things are optional. You wanna have only vore game? Go on. Some pregnancy with inflation? sure, delete vore! Our system will be customizable, so when you all decide what you wanna play you can easily throw away what you don't need and play!

- Those are only 3 kinks from many

Those are only 3 kinks we worked on, there is still weight gain, digestion, transformation and some more! The main problem is that we need to make it easy, so it will slowly creating them in their time

- I love it! Can I help somehow?

Ideas, ideas, ideas! For weapons, for items, for armor, skills, traits. If your idea will be good for us and we will like it we will add it! You don't need to write statistics for it, just describe it how it looks or what it do.

- When!?

When we will release it? When it's done BUT! We gonna release some alpha, beta or what you would call early access to play. We need to wrote skills, traits and statistic for every race (60-62 races) and we will release it to open testing
When everything will be done we wanna release it on drive thru RPG in form "pay what you want".

If anyone have questions or ideas wrote it down here, I will gladly answer every question you have.
So update!

we have 2 sex system we wanna use and we argue which one is simpler and more understandable

thats why we wanna ask YOU! which one looks easier for you to play.

Please take a note those mechanics can be ignored if you don’t think those will be necessary (for ex. In a casual sex). Those are created primarily for encounters with creatures like tentacles, hog orcs and high elf THOTs.

Venom’s version:

Sexual actions damage partner’s RES, once it reaches 0, the player must roll for a Mind Break effect. If a character ends with equally 0 RES, they roll for a soft mind break; if it’s -5, then they roll for mid mind break; if they end up with -10 or more RES, they roll for hard mind break.

RES equals SPR x10 and represents the character's resistance to sexual influences and actions. At the end of each turn both characters lose -5 RES points and commit an Orgasm test by rolling X d10 where X is their SPR. If the total sum is equal or lower to their current RES score, they succeed and avoid cumming. However if the total score is higher than the current RES score, they get an orgasm and instantly lose -15 RES. At this point it is up to the character do they want to end the intercourse.

Both characters might commit sexual actions against their partners before and during sex by making a RES test or defend themselves by making SPR test. Those actions can be anything sex related like licking, kissing, biting, talking dirty ets. Additionally characters might do other actions by committing a proper test (for example trying to escape by doing a STR test). If the character succeeds, their RES will be added to the next Orgasm test of their partner; if they fail any non-defensive test, they lose flat -5 RES.

A horny High Elf Mageblade (CHR 7, SPR 5, RES 50) captured an Orc Greenskin Shaman (CHR 3, SPR 5, RES 50). The orc woke up naked and bonded to the bed. Before the act could happen Elf decided to warm up her partner by giving him an oral. They both make a 1d20 test: Elf rolls 14 and Orc 3. With SPR of 5 the orc was successful and resisted Elfs dastardly tactics.

Next round the Elf decides to get on top of the captured Orc and starts to ride him, we now enter the sex round. Elf used her action to get on the Orc, so he has an action left. Orc tries to break his bonds, he has STR 8 but rolls 12, he has failed and so loses -5 RES.

Round 1 of sex ends, both characters loses -5 RES, leaving them with Elf: 45 RES and Orc: 30 RES. Now both roll for Orgasn, both have 5 SPR so each uses 5 d10s. Elf rolls 14 and orc 22, they both succeed this round.

Round 2 starts - Elf decides to lick Orcs nipples, making a CHR test, and Orc defends with a SPR test. Elf: 4 Orc: 18. Elf succeeded so her CHR will be added to Orc’s next orgasm test result. The round ends, both suffer -5 RES, so Elf: 40, Orc: 25. Both roll for Orgasm, Elf scores 24, succeeding, Orc suffers the +7 penalty so his end score is 33+7=40, which means he cums, receiving additional -15 RES damage. His end RES is now 10.

Since the Elf just was filled with Orc cum, she can decide to end the encounter. However if she chooses not to, she can keep riding the Orc, while his RES will eventually reach 0 and his mind breaks. Once that happens, the Orc will roll a proper Mind Break effect. For example if he ends with an equal 0, he will roll a soft MB, like “lose consciousness”.

Robotic version:

Sexual actions damage partner’s RES, once it reaches 0, the player must roll for a Mind Break effect. If a character ends with equally 0 RES, they roll for a mind break.

RES equals SPR x10 and represents the character's resistance to sexual influences and actions. While teasing only damage RES when “attacker” roll higher CHR roll than “defender” SPR roll, sex will damage RES by -5 every turn. First person who get their RES count to 0 orgasm and need to throw D66 for mind break effect. If a person is still in intercourse with RES 0 it’s treated like unconscious until intercourse is over.

In the intercourse characters throw XD10 two times where X is their SPR and CHR, where CHR is taken from the enemy and SPR from itself. If CHR throw is bigger than SPR throw then the difference is subtract from RES. If SPR throw is bigger than CHR throw no additional RES is substrate

Male Orc (7 SPR, 3 CHR, 70 RES) travelling through forest was ambushed by female elf THOT (4 SPR, 8 CHR, 40 RES). She tried to lewd him, taking her clothes of and shake her booty. Orc rolled 54 on SPR check (7d10) and elf rolled only 41 on her CHR check (8d10). Orc, amused, showed her his girth and thrush the air, showing he is a big boy. He rolled 25 on his CHR check. Meanwhile elf blushed and is a little intimidated. She rolled only 17 on her SPR check, leaving her with 32 RES 17-25=8 40-8=32). Next turn they start having sex.

On the first turn they both don’t do anything special, so both rolls clean SPR and CHR checks. Orc threw 42 SPR and 8 CHR, Elf meanwhile threw 21 SPR and 62 CHR. Orc lose 25 RES (20 from throws and 5 from first turn). Elf, thanks to high SPR throw lose only 5 RES. Now Orc got only 45 RES, while elf got 27 RES.

Next turn elf still does nothing, but Orc used his skill “Mighty thrush”, which add 2 dice to his CHR roll. Orc threw 56 SPR and 36 CHR, Elf meanwhile threw 13 SPR and 60 CHR. That mean Orc have 36 RES and Elf 4 RES.

In the last turn Elf tries to punch Orc and interrupt their intercourse, but she failed her STR check. No matter of the next throw she would get orgasm and will need to throw d66 from orgasm table. Now Orc will need to choose if he wanna continue intercourse or just stop. If he wanna continue Elf is treated like she is in unconscious to the moment she is rescued or left alone.