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Nintendo Wii and DS UK Tour


There are the dates, sorry this information is posted kinda half way during thier tour.

I'm so psyched up about nintendo for the last few months I'm even going back to playing Mario games now also before I started playing mario again I was mostly playing the whole Legend of Zelda series, yup even the old 80's ones to.

The tour will let fans play for free on the Wii and the DS Lite consoles plus you get to play unrealesed games also play the Wii before its UK date (December 8th).

I was going to go to the Bluewater Shoping Center, in Kent but I missed that chance due to the fact I never knew about this tour till a few days ago so it was to late for me. I will be going to Lakeside, Essex on November 23 or maybe 24,25.

If UK users here saw these dates they can probaly meet thier friends or fav artists out there in reality, lol.