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No email notifications


TFed Ex-Knight
Greetings! Me and @ben909 don’t seem to be receiving email notifications when threads on this forum update. I tried updating my settings to “no emails” and back to “yes emails” but that didn’t seem to help. Are emails perhaps not working at the moment?


TFed Ex-Knight
Have either of you tried clearing your entire history/cache since the last DDOS incident?
Or was it maintenance?
I can't remember which...
In our browser? Or is there some sort of forum history we can clear? I’ll try clearing my browsers and see if that helps (rip my hotbar links xD)


I have this same issue as well, not receiving emails when I am PM'd.

I've tried the same things with no luck. Hopefully something can be done to fix it.


Birb Fanatic
I had a similar problem, except with two-step verification! I checked everywhere in my email account, even the spam folder, and there was no sign at all of any email with the code. If I hadn't saved any backup codes, I would've been completely locked out of my forum account.