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(Commission) Selling: NO LIMIT ARTIST, 20USD for EVERYTHING



As the title suggests, I have no limits. If you have some crazy fetish you want to be brought to life I'm your girl! I'll draw anything, it doesn't have to be NSF, it can be SFW as well. Just message me and we can work something out ^-^
I'm still kind of new but I hope to be posting a lot more this summer!

EVERYTHING is 20USD, may cost more depending on if you would like a complex background or extra characters.

Here is the link to my gallery: Userpage of SkylarBlack72 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

What I will draw:
-Any fetish you could think of! Nothing is too far out there so please don't hesitate to ask
-All settings
-Full scenes.
-Media characters.
-Ferals, antros, etc. You think it, I draw it. Or at least try my best.

What you can expect:
-Frequent updates: I will show you each stage to make sure everything is how you would like it to be
-Fast Turnaround. If the piece is approved I'll get it done as quickly as possible as long as payment is received.
-Taking the job seriously, I need to pay the bills somehow
-Friendliness, we don't judge here ^-^
-Full privacy when requested

I only accept PayPal
Here are some examples




Reference sheets, single or multiple poses

Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the characters and how out there the fetish is.

Feel free to shoot me a PM.
If you want to keep your onsite anonymity you can always email me at:

I look forward to working with you!

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