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No Limit Roleplay Discord Server Looking For New Guests!



Are you looking for a place to indulge and unload your darkest, most twisted, and fucked-up fantasies? Well do we have a server for you!

Taystie Park! The no-limits Amusement Park of your wildest dreams! Any kink, all casual, all debaucherous, all the time! The focus is kinky bad ends, specifically VORE, SNUFF, and TRANSFORMATIONS (Yes, all kinds of TF, from anthro, to mental, to animal, and even Latex for you degenerates!)

We are a fun community with a heavy focus on quality ROLEPLAY. Freedom and creativity are key, and everyone is welcome to join the depravity that Taystie Park has to offer. Anything is possible here to those with the mind (and the courage) to make it a reality!

That being said, tamer and more vanilla kinks are more then welcome too!

F-list - Warning Check out the link for more information on this open-ended and freeform setting, and if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me in PMs or Discord at Salisha#6437

Join the ~T~ Amusement Park - Extreme Kink ERP (18+) Discord Server!
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