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No mods with [recent] bans



No one actually did band together to get Mach/Logic banned, there was only discussion how Mach could be Logic. End of the day it was just a single tip to a mod and the mod clearly had enough evidence to ban Mach.

Mach/Logic is also kinda of a bigger priority aswell as he has doxxed and threatened to dox members before, while Somnium is just a dumbass troll
All you had to do with Somnium was block and report, cause he broke nearly every rule right off the bat. Logic was smarter than that though. He had an agenda, a motivation, to get people to turn on one another. He didn't do it for shits and giggles, but out of personal hatred for those he saw as unfit to be here. No one listened to Somnium for a second, but Logic managed to gain a following, which made him dangerous.

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Look, I'm not saying Mach was good or perfect and he definitely broke a rule and deserved to be banned. But multiple people have admitted that he was at the very least civil, even if Logic wasn't.

I personally would vastly prefer that the deluge of Nazi trolls be dealt with first when they are publicly flooding the forums with nonsense than the person who would have otherwise been a non issue. To me, it says something that a civil alt can be sniffed out and dealt with quicker than blatant rule breaking that is obvious to all.

Both are problems. One seems easier to deal with but hasn't been for....reasons?? At the end of the day, we need more people.


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Mach is LogicNuke- he’s an alt of his.

Mods finally connected it and permabanned Mach.

Holy hecc-- I'm late to the reveal party o.o;;