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No!!! My childhood!


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Okay, so you know there's a ridiculous amount of raunchy art on FA right? Well I can deal with that. I even like some of it. However, there are some things that just should not be done.

I mean I've seen so many crossovers and porn of my favorite cartoons and now I don't know if anythings sacred anymore. For example, I saw all those drawings of the SWAT Cats and I'm just devastated. I never made the connection as a kid. Oh two dudes who stay together alone in a junk yard fighting crime. That's cool, I liked that. I never had the thought of them porking eachother. And now I can't see them the same way anymore. As well as some other characters that I like.

Why did I come here? Why didn't anyone warn me? Have you gone through the same shock as I?

Forgive me for being so dramatic, I tend to overreact to things.


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Good thing nobody else has seen any of those yet! :V


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Shock has been had when I saw J. Talbain, Yugo, and Weregarurumon plowing each other.
I learned to be desensitized a year later.


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I saw MLP r34 about a week after I got hooked onto the show.

I don't clop to it,(c wut I did thar) but I'm not hateful of it.
Rule 34 exists everywhere, no point hating it.


If Rule 34 actually shocks you and damages your perception then you are going to have a bad time on the internet.


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I don't mind characters being put in mature situations, but... the porn just makes me feel horrible.:(


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Treat it like a game, OP, see if you can find the most unintentionally (or intentionally, as is often the case) hilarious rule 34 out there.


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I've seen enough rule 34 of things on the internet that it doesn't scare me anymore. Surprises me but then I think "It's bound to happen sooner or later".


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Nothing's sacred anymore, everything's free game to corrupt and the most pure it is the more fun it is to ruin. That's just how things work in these parts.


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I've never really minded the pictures, perhaps because most of the stuff I actually watched growing up doesn't seem to have been affected yet, and besides it was all years ago. What did seem a little odd to me, though, were the sex toys in the shape of cartoon characters, and people roleplaying with those toys.


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You've already had your childhood, it cannot be ruined now. Besides, seeing nasty shit involving the characters of the show never in any form gets into the show itself.

I really don't see why people moan about this kind of thing. I'm not into much of R34 at all, but c'mon, people.

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I have bad news for you. Internet might not be your place if one or two r34 scare you that much. Try browsing FA without the mature filter on, and you'll be scarred for life :V


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Welcome to the internet, OP.


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Awww, please, is it so hard to ignore the fact those pictures are not canon and don't correspond to the show's world-building and character interactions? Personally, when I find R34 I just think "oh look, someone likes X character's design in more ways than one. Also, those genitals are really akwardly added". See? Don't let it disturb you, and, though dear to you, there's nothing to be disturbed at either: it's just sex, it's not canon, it might even be somehat well-drawn, and if you have such a big problem with it, then you're just being too nostalgic.


I mean I've seen so many crossovers and porn of my favorite cartoons and now I don't know if anythings sacred anymore.
There's nothing quite like MLP bondage...

Anyway. Meh, if you think that's bad, you've got a lot of shocks coming. :eek: It gets a whole lot worse.

(You do have the filters turned on? Right? Turn 'em on)

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I bet David would love this topic.