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No point beating around the bush - can *you* draw me?


Still a little drunk
I wish for someone, or any number of someones, to draw me. Nothing really else to it, I wont sugar coat the fact that I'm just another furry who wants someone to pay attention to them long enough to draw a picture. Call me a moocher, lazy, cheap etc., but that's really all it comes down to - P: the fact that I'd be really grateful and would totally be your friend forever if you drew moi.

Of course, if you do decide to, I would of course be appreciative. And here are some necessary specs:

Species: Arctic fox.

Uhhh... Well, depending on how you draw it, a black vest I suppose would be easy to draw, and some jeans... If no sleeves then a tattoo on his upper left arm which looks a little like this. Oh, and my omnipresent black beanie hat, which looks a little like this.

Cheers if you do this! Understandable if not, you can go draw for moochers who will actually pay. P:


i'll give drawing you ago, us british furs got stick together ^^