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No reply after sending payment for my ad


New Member
It started out with me not getting a response via email in about a week but then I contacted Dragoneer on Twitter about it and got an email response right after.

I sent the payment like an hour after recieving the response email, told them via email that I had paid and let Dragoneer know that I had sent the payment via Twitter.
No response.
A day later I sent another tweet to Dragoneer that I had sent the payment on the 8th (July).
Still no response. Not through Twitter nor via email.
I checked to see if maybe Dragoneer had taken a small break from Twitter but no, active as usual.

So could someone help me out and tell me the best way to let them know that I've sent the payment so my Ad can finally get set up and go online?
I'm really relying on it going online sometime soon.


New Member
How was it dealt with? For future forum searchers who don't want to end up in a DenverCoder9 situation.
I sent a tweet to the Furaffinity twitter talking about it and explaining my situation and got an email from Dragoneer a day later saying that my ad had gone up and how long it'll stay up.
So twitter seems to really be the best way to get in contact with them.
Some days you just get drowned out by all the other notifications so timing kinda has to be lucky.
(or you send a tweet every day, that way you'll definitely get noticed)