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No Response on Ad for Over a Week :(


New Member
I sent an e-mail about placing an ad 10 days ago and I've yet to receive a response. maybe you didn’t see the message or forgot to reply? I've sent an email to advertising [at] furaffinity.net my friends advised me to send letters again, but that didn’t help. I've sent 4!! messages! 25.05, 29.05, 1.06 and today!
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ibb.co: QIP-Shot-Screen-2580
I would understand if they didn’t answer everyone, but my friends write that they received an answer through the day or within three days.
I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just anxious.
Please, help me.


Hello, Proto
Site admin hasn't been here for almost 2 weeks.
I'd suggest looking elsewhere.


Hello, Proto
You could try to contact the parent company IMVU.
You may get better results with them.


New Member
I sent a request, got approval, sent money and nothing happened.
I tried to contact through advertising@furaffinity.net. but still no response, two weeks have passed, I should request a refund?
I have the exact same issue right now.
All previous interactions were pretty reasonably timed but after I've sent the payment I stopped getting answers
I've already tried to contact both the FA Twitter account about it as well as Dragoneer (twice) but nothing


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