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[SOLVED] No response to my ticket regarding no response after getting no response on email


New Member
Is anybody even there? So Im trying to get my ad up and have been doing so since March 30, and this whole process is going at a snails pace. I wanna be polite about this but Im really losing patience.

First I sent an email for my advertisement in March, as seen here

Never got a response at all, so I tried again 2 weeks later

It was approved pretty fast so I was once again hopeful, so I sent the pay

Aaaand that was it, havent heard anything since. I then sent a trouble ticket, which still also hasnt been responded to. No email, and my ad still isnt up. I would have mentioned that I wanted it up before the end of april in my original email, but i had no idea it would take THAT long. I feel like Ive been scammed out of my money, Im upset. Who is in charge of dealing with advertisements?


While I am not 100% sure, I believe @Dragoneer is in charge of the advertising side of the site, so it would be best to contact him directly. Either via a Twitter message or via email at dragoneer@furaffinity.net

He has been somewhat busy the past couple weeks, which may be the reason behind why your ad was missed.

Hope your issue is swiftly resolved.