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Nobody wants whiskers nowadays


Just a vaporwave hyena stuck in the 80's.
Not a cat, but my boyo had whiskers! I usually try to add whiskers to rodent and feline characters that I make. But yeah, add whiskers can ruin a drawing if you aren't careful!



4-tailed kitsune
I generally put whiskers on cats, and I like my fox whiskers very much!


4-tailed kitsune
My fursona is SUPPOSED to have long, cute whiskers, but nobody ever remembers to draw them in art I buy...
That's sad. Oddly they seem to remember them in a good bit of art I get.


Who wouldn't want whiskers? They are much fun to have, and on top of that, they look pretty cool, giving your sona a unique appearance! I made my Aurian, (A cat/fox hybrid from the Andromeda galaxy), named Monosuki have whiskers. In fact, it's a signature on his design!


4-tailed kitsune