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Ended up getting some intriguing gifts:
Mr. Freeze 6" figure (from the new Batman the Animated series line) - SUPER stoked about that one. I LOVE Mr. Freeze, and that show is what made me love him.
G230 Logitech headphones. Not too keen on the colour, but the fit is great (*has a big head*), and the sound quality is impressive. I have old studio monitors, and I had no idea how worn out they were until I put these G230's on.
A new alarm clock/white noise machine (been using the same old one for like 10 years). Will see how well it works.
Gift cards (Subway, local collectible chain, AMC movies) - Useful, but impersonal *shrug*

We were supposed to be doing a 'small/limited' Christmas, and I'm not complaining about the gifts I got, but I feel really bad that I actually followed what we all agreed upon >_> The price limit was originally $15 (which fit my budget, and I shop all year long, not just a week before Xmas...I learned this year, my family does just that), and...that's more or less what I spent on everybody.
I got lots of money to help pay for stuff! (Seriously, more than I would get in a month if I actually had a job. I have such a wonderful family.)
I also got:
new, cheaper health insurance (thanks, ACA)
a really cool beanie with ear flaps
a table tennis set with a retractable net you can set up on any table
a retro Space Invaders puzzle
Yellow Submarine lights and playing cards
a big tin bucket of cheese balls
chocolates (mostly gone already...)


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Got grown up stuff like a new amazing computer desk and then PJs and like a nice wool hat since its cold as fuck here

And got like a few comics and concept art books. Also my flatmate is giving me half a PS4 while I get her half a ps4 too :3c

Kid Boruto

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My Christmas 2014 Haul:
Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3)
- Mom
Dead Space 3: Limited Edition (PS3) - Mom
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) - Grandma
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: Limited Edition (PS3) - Aunt
Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3) - Mom
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception GOTY Edition (PS3) - Mom
Men's Black Digital Wristwatch - Mom
Men's Christmas Slipper Socks - Mom
Men's Slipper Shoes - Mom
Men's Long-Sleeve Shirt - Grandma
Men's Christmas Flannel Pajama Pants - Grandma
$10 Bill - Cousin
2 $10 Target Gift Cards - Cousin and Grandma
$25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card - Cousin

I will also be receiving Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3) from my other aunt during New Years weekend.


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Well for me I received some cool boxers, just 'cause I poke my aunt I wanted some epic things to wear, and they are the comic books style which people can read them :IYKWIM:.
Anyways my friend gave me some "after eight" and my other friend surprised me with a skype call with my crush, it was one of the best moments and gifts I could receive.
And Well Nature offered me some REALLY. EPIC. FUCKING. WAVES. to bodyboard. Best hypocritical Holidays ever man. :3

...oh grandma moneyz.


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Well, shit.

Got two cards in the mail from work. One was from our head director across my school's chain of schools, with a $25 Target card inside.

The other was a card from my school, signed by many of the parents whose children I care for,

With a $240 Amazon gift cert inside.


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Here's a picture of my haul not including gift cards.
Clothes, cosmetics, glass waterbottle and a purse. Gift cards for AMC, Extraordinary Desserts, and one of those cards you can use anywhere.
Surprisingly, I didn't get any socks. Oh, and I got white Signo pens and a Chinese dragon kigurumi, but I got those early so they don't really count since I've had them for about a month.


I went to buy my cool sweater but they didnt have it
this is it



a nervous breakdown

That's one thing that I can be sure I'll get every year :'D

I finally saved up $600 and then got three hundred more, so I bought the camcorder that I planed to buy. Canon GF20. So that's really what I got for Xmas.


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Lots of nice clothes, a WiiU with SM3DW and a headset, a TB hard drive and a new mouse.


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I got giftcards to Amazon, a local fish store, and Barns & Noble, a Hetalia tee, two beanies (a pokeball one and a cat ears one), lots of fake fish plants, HTTYD 2, candy, a Megazard Y Plushie, a gold plated pokemon card of Charizard, a heat gun, an eShop card, and an AoT poster.


- '30cm anatomical wodden female mannequin with all joints working similarly to those in human body - I can use it as a base for fast creating natural poses in drawings
- jogging shoulder cover for phone/tablet
- Tom Ford Noir perfumes, my favourite
- shitton of socks and briefs: best gifts ever


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Got a 2014 Ford Focus. It's not paid off, of course, but it was pretty much the biggest gift I got this year. I call it the Angry Red Chicken, because it's tiny and red and when I put my foot down on the gas it gets mad like anything and goes ZOOM around big trucks going 10 mph.


I does what I says on the box.
Making tea from loose leaves is an art, but not everyone has the time to sit and go through the rituals. Sometime you just want a cup of Earl Grey when it's wet and cold and drizzly out.


Quite a bit this year: Plenty of books, and other stuff including a delightful surprise!

Image embedding doesn't seem to be working, so here's a plain link


The camera was the surprise. I'm not super into photography, but my family saw how many photos I took on vacation with my then-new phone's camera (900+ over 3 days) and thought I would like it. Frankly, I had actually been thinking about getting a nice camera so this was a wonderful surprise! I might not be into photography now, but with this awesome camera, I think I'll start getting into it a lot more! There's a lot of possibilities with it to tie into other things I'm working on with 3D modeling. Understanding the workings of a real camera, with all the shutter control and FoV stuff would be a excellent means of getting a real feel for how to adjust the 3D virtual camera that tries to mimic a real one! Plus, I could integrate my own HDR photos into my work to provide extra detailed backgrounds and environments, rather than relying just on 3D or being constrained by someone else's photo-work!


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I'm about to use my £50 gift money on a little treat for myself.

A custom made TF hypnosis tape. THIS WAS YOUR FAULT SPARTA.


50$ which I spent 20 on and now I wanna spend rest on a Commander Deck of Magic. Tales of Xillia 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5

Kit H. Ruppell

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A framed photo of a fox's face, a dancing fox plush thing that plays a song I've been trying to forget, gift cards, a Star Trek mug, a Doge shirt, a "Fart Zone" sign, new sheets with little forest animals on them, money, and a BJ.
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Nothing of any value. >_> Well, Kinnie gave me a game on Steam. :D


A lizard, an RC car, minion pajamas and a solder station. And drawing stuffs.