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Non-Adult Furries, Or Am I The Only One?


Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
Not that I'm against it, but I always see older furries within the fandom so it got me wondering: are there many other furries my age? I'm fifteen years old, so I guess I'm kinda young? Anyone else a furry under the age of 18 or am I the only one?


There's several I know of, and they are pretty active. That being said, a majority fall between the 18-21 range generally.


Fundamentalist Heretic
My son is a furry & he’s 13. He doesn’t have an account on FA yet b/c of all the adult content but I told him he could create one when he’s 16.


There's so much sexual content on this forum I'm surprised any minors are on here. Then again I look at movies that pass as "PG13" these days on I'm like, oh, this place is tame.


If any of you guess my age I will like ur post :^)


thats interesting ^^ so neat to see youngsters on fa and checking out my art on fa. after all dont forget fa is full of cartoon characters i mean you would think their would be a lot more young peaple on the site.