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Nonsensical RP (SFW)


The Brutally Honest Man-Child

Welcome to the Nonsensical RP thread!
What is this, you may ask? Why, I have no idea what you're talking about!
Please refer to my Example post for guidance.


Please make sure posts abide by FA/FAF guidelines!

No commitment required, but a silly exit/spontaneous end is encouraged

No spamming, please

You can play as your per/fur sona, an OC of yours or popular character from medias like anime and videogames, just remember to keep things absurd in a way that doesn't ONLY reference their origins (because that'll leave a lot of people, like me, in the dark)

Please keep media (images or gifs) scarce. Hyperlinking to them, when they are relevant, is acceptable.

Mimimal OOC chatter, meaning random comments should be included at the bottom of your most recent post. Let the reactions tell the rest!

Hilarious typos are encouraged (read the words without correcting them)

The main goal is to have fun! Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Test your creative writing skills and expand your vocabulary!

I am not liable for situations that include, but are not limited to: any mental or physical harm that may befall you by viewing or participating in this thread

Example Post

Setting: Interior, Mega mall, fairly modern and realistic, but I don't know what stores are there so like, maybe one of them leads to another dimension or some junk. I'm not going to go visit them all just to find out!!! Elevators. Hundreds of floors. This opening scene has a fountain centerpiece. That piece of information will be important later.

Tyra popped her food in the microwave with a heavy sigh. Working 9-5 in the foodcourt, on the grills with no ventilation had her sweating harder than a recluse Gamer pitching the 'Biq Question' in a Dating Sim. She tried to look on the bright side though, as she watched her frozen Pizza Pockets thaw and slowly rise. If she exposed herself to extreme heat for just one more year, she would finally meet all of the requirements to be Nasa's next candidate to land on the sun!

The microwave didn't beep when the timer reached zero, because she hit the STOP button right on the dot. The numbers weren't even visible on the screen, because they's just how dedicated she was! Swiping her food from the microwave, she began her way over to the empty seats, only to stumble and catch herself- but not her Pizza Pockets...

Time slowed down. Tyra's jaw fell for a silent scream as though she'd dropped her own newborn, which only happened like once, except it wasn't her own. Crumbling to her knees, Tyra's hands reached out to her contaminated lunch, only to tremble above it, hesitating. The song Untitled, by Simple Plan had already started playing.

"BILLY MAIZE HERE WITH ANOTHER NEW, FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!" Billy Maize exclaimed, as he always did.
"Not right now, Billy-" Tyra was about to sigh when she noticed him offering her a food tray. Her eyes lit up with sirprize, finding the strength to stand so that she could sit with Billy Maize-Chan for her lunch.

It was strange. Normally, the break room was only for employees, but for whatever reason, Billy Maize-Chan always found the opportunity to sneak in. Why? What would a successful business man of the breakfast cereal industry want with a minimum-wage bottom feeder like her? Tyra noticed herself staring but luckily Billy Maize-Chan was far too busy enjoying his triple-decker bacon burger seasoned with rock salt. Tyra also noticed just how overwhelmingly self-conscious she was in that moment. She'd barely touched her food!

OOC: You don't have to write based off of this post/setting but I'm not against it if you do. I'm terrible at intros, but once the ball gets rolling, it's hard to make it stop (for me). Post length can be casual, semi or para. Whatever you feel like dishing out!