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The classy Captain Furfag
Aside from some video games and TV, most of my childhood memories revolve around the things I did with my friends, mostly RPGs we created and random shit. I also had a weird interest in recording things with a tape recorder. I even still have these recordings today with next to no degradation! When I've got nothing constructive to do I convert these recordings, or at least those I care about, in MP3. And I'll find a way to archive them eventually.

A few years later I could realize my childhood dream and get a camera. All those VHS-C tapes are now treasures waiting to be converted to MP4s. I also still have my YouTube videos I had on my 1st account. The earliest ones are already approaching 10 years old!


90s cartoons, movies, and video games. Oddly I prefer 80s music a lot more than the 90s.
Friends coming over more often and not being picky about what multiplayer games are available. Friends not having their taste and humour corrupted by internet elitists yet.

Sega Fucking Master System music. Which sadly isn't replicated by anyone since NES style music is considered better.

Time when pop music could still be taken seriously.

And a world before (renewed) apple and mobile came and started banalizing everything and made everyone so damn dependant on phones they can't stay 20 seconds without responding to some stupid crap in it.
From the very first day phones started doing more than plain text I hated the technology...


Lost in the Static
When I was younger, probably in 3rd or 4th grade, I fell in love with this album. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charge!!
This album is the Aquabats at their best, that's for sure. While their earlier stuff was an odd mish-mash of styles, Charge! takes on the style of new wave, resulting in some jamming tunes. I like the other music in the Aquabats library for its quirkiness, but this album is plain awesome.